Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Wenjin. I am currently an apparel design and marketing student. My youtube and blog are outlets I am using to showcase my love for all things that have to do with fashion, beauty, and life. I will be posting outfit of the days, tips on how to style certain pieces, makeup tutorials, reviews on products, blogging about my life, and much more.

As for my love for fashion. I derive my inspiration from the trends and styles of overseas, such as South Korea, England, France, and etc. I would say I am not a person that has to always follow each and every upcoming new trend, but I like to create my own sense of style from all the trends I do like. I believe my style doesn't have a specific label or category it belongs it. I wear what I like and honestly it all goes hand and hand with my mood and what I have in my closet that day.

Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/wenxD

Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/wenjinxD

Twitter: http://twitter.com/kangwenjin

Fashion to me is my way to express my own individuality. You don't have to follow every single trend and buy the latest clothes to be fashionable. It is how you assemble all the pieces together that make a complete and stylish outfit.

I hope that my blog and youtube will be places that people will visit to find advice, information, and much more on fashion and beauty.


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