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I wanted to make it easier for all my readers to access my blog through different portals. I heard about Bloglovin and thought it was a good idea for those whom want a one stop place to read all their favorite blogs.

if you have bloglovin you can follow me there! :]

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Review: Naruko Tea Tree Oil Cut Out Shower Mousse

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Who here suffers from bacne (acne on their back) or any body acne?

It is something we do not like to admit, but a fairly good amount of people actually have this issue, including myself. I remember I have always been extremely self-conscious about my bacne and I did not want to wear anything that revealed my back. Even if it was scorching hot outside, I was just so embarrassed by the blemishes on my back.

This product, I am about to talk to you about I have been using for quite awhile now. I do not know why I did not review it earlier because I think everyone should know about this product. It is the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Cut Out Shower Mousse. Yes, it kind be quite a name, but you will definitely remember once you use it.

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Review & Giveaway: BAGINC Vanessa Medium Tote Bag

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Hello my lovely readers,

It has been awhile since I updated. I wanted to updated you all with a great giveaway I am holding with the help of

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