Review: Naruko Tea Tree Oil Cut Out Shower Mousse

Who here suffers from bacne (acne on their back) or any body acne?

It is something we do not like to admit, but a fairly good amount of people actually have this issue, including myself. I remember I have always been extremely self-conscious about my bacne and I did not want to wear anything that revealed my back. Even if it was scorching hot outside, I was just so embarrassed by the blemishes on my back.

This product, I am about to talk to you about I have been using for quite awhile now. I do not know why I did not review it earlier because I think everyone should know about this product. It is the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Cut Out Shower Mousse. Yes, it kind be quite a name, but you will definitely remember once you use it.

I must say that of course everyone's skin is different, meaning it may work for you or not. However, I have not found a body product that has worked like this before. It is also not as expensive as other brands. I have used Naruko products for my face acne for quite awhile and I have been extremely happy with the results. It has not broken me out and my skin does not feel drying after the use of the products.

More specifically, the shower mousse is not drying on my skin at all. Usually acne products tend to be very strong and drying, but this was not the case. My skin of course did not change drastically at first, plus it is kind of hard to notice bacne change since well it is on your back. However, after a while I realize I do not have any bumps on my back anymore. I remember I could feel bumps before and it was quite a bit. Now, my back is pretty much smooth and the acne marks have lighten up.

I am in need of another bottle, but I am sad to say I am unable to find it. Even on the official Naruko website, it is no longer available. I am sadden, because I truly think this is an amazing product. I researched and found out Naruko has a new line of Tea Tree products and they have a shower gel. I am thinking about getting it and seeing if it is just as amazing.

Here are a few links to where you are able to find Naruko products:

Let me know if you have tried this product and how did it worked for you. If you have any recommendations for body products let me know in the comment section below!

Have a good day and stay health~

- Wenjin

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