Review: Etude House CC Cream #2 Glow

Hello lovelies! 

Today, I have a long awaited review that many of you have requested for! Here are my thoughts on the Etude House CC Cream!

What is CC Cream?
CC Creams are the new wave of base makeup that is suppose to be more beneficial in terms of skin care benefits and as well as to have more of a natural/lighter texture.

Why the Etude House CC (Correct& Care) Cream?
I love Etude House and this cc cream has color changing capsules that can help it suit my tan skin tone.

The Product:
Packaging - Simple, clean, and of a light pink color.
Contains: 35 g (1.23 oz.)
SPF 30/PA ++

The Etude House CC Cream comes in two shades, #1 Silky and #2 Glow. The one I currently own is shade 2, Glow.

Claims it is an 8 in 1 Multi-Function Product:
- Anti-Aging
- Stress Relief
- Hydration
- Whitening
- Sun Protection
- Tone-Up
- Smooth Texture
- Luminosity

Texture of Product?
Reminds me of sunblock, I am not a fan of the texture. You cannot use makeup brushes to blend the product, I recommend using fingers. Using your fingers will help warm up the product and making it easier to blend. I tried to use a makeup brush and it just used too much product and didn't give a natural appearance.

The coverage is sheer, meaning it will not cover any hyper pigmentation or scars you may have. You will need a concealer if you want to cover them. It is great for people with no scaring and just need an extra boost.

It gives a radiance effect! My skin is glowing when I have this product on. Even though it is sheer, it makes my skin look healthy and I am willing to apply concealer because the product gives a very natural glow.

Lasting Power?
It lasts about 5-6 hours on my skin and I also set it with Etude House Precious Mineral powder.

Overall thoughts?
I do like this product for days I just need a pick me up and I do not want to apply bb cream/foundation. It is light and it gives a glow. However, it does not cover any of my hyper pigmentation from my acne. It works well with my dull tan skin and gives it an boost of radiance.

If you want my full review please check out my video.

What are your thoughts about this cc cream?

- Wenjin

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