Review: Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Dye (Glossy Brown)

Hello everyone!

I wanted to update everyone on my recent hair color change and my thoughts exactly on the Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Dye.

Background info: My hair is naturally a very very dark brown color (almost black). My hair is quite long and quite thick It has never ever been touched by hair dye before.

Reason: I wanted something new, I always wanted a lighter high color, and I heard so much about the Liese Prettia Bubble dyes.

Let's get down to the hair dye.

"KAO Prettia Soft Bubble Hair Color Glossy Brown is a hair color that bleach your hair into soft glossy brown color. This innovative soft foaming hair color evenly blends into hair for a brilliant result. There is 2 treatments ingredients (amino acid for skin care type and moisture, loyol jelly for moisture). All this treatment will help your hair from further damage and make your hair beautiful and soft gentle bright hair." (Taken from

The box includes,

Instruction Sheet
#1 Hair Color
#2 Developer
Foamer Cap (To make your hair dye bubble)
Leave in Conditioner

1)First mix #1 into the #2 bottle and then you will turn the bottle upside down and over for 5 times.

2) Afterwards you will take off the cap and put the foamer cap on.

3) You squeeze the product out from the bottle not the cap and you squeeze it into the palm of your hand.

4) You apply it from the top layer and then down.
The reason you do not start from bottom to top is because you'll message the product into your hair just like how you would shampoo your hair.

5)Then just wait 20-30 minutes, shampoo, conditioner your hair, and make sure you apply the leave in conditioner.

However, I did the last steps differently. Since my hair was virgin hair I was unsure if the color would even show up. What I did was after I applied the dye I put a shower cap onto my head. Then heated my hair with a blow dryer. I left the hair dye on for 50 minutes instead.

The hair dye did not foam as much as it said on the box. I have a lot of hair and it is thick. It took quite awhile for the hair dye to full cover my hair.

Let's move onto the results!


My natural hair color was an almost black like. The darkest shade of brown you could of probably ever seen!


Now, it is a medium brown, still natural looking, but definitely a noticeable difference.

Time for the verdict!

I love the results! The night I dyed my hair I was regretting it. I do actually like my natural hair color, but I wanted a change. I was thinking in my head "What did I just do to my hair!?" However, after a few days I grew found of the new change.

Liese did not damage my hair at all. My hair looks perfectly the same. The same texture and the same shininess.

The one problem I do have with Liese is one box will not be enough to evenly cover your hair if you have thick and long hair like myself. There are some parts that are of a darker brown (more closer to the roots). However, it is not noticeable.

You can see my the results of my hair in my latest makeup tutorial.

A lot more noticeable in natural lighting and outside.

I think I would definetely try using Liese again once, if I decide to re-dye my hair in the future. I am extremely happy with the results and I am glad it is quite natural looking.

I recommend to my readers to try this hair dye out especially if you have virgin hair! Try Glossy Brown if you want a natural change. I believe Royal Brown will not show up that well as Glossy Brown did.

Have you ever tried Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Dye? If so, what are your thoughts about it? I would love to know!

Happy Reading,

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