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YesStyle held their first ever meetup in San Francisco. The meet up was for YesStyle lovers whom often frequent their San Francisco in-store location and as well who love the company as a whole.

For those who do not know what YesStyle is, YesStyle first started off as an online retailer bring Asian Fashion to the masses. They carry a variety of brands from Korea, China, and Japan. As well as a number of different styles, fitting any personal style an individual may have. They do not just sell clothing, but as well as a large collection of shoes, hand bangs, and accessories.

I had the opportunity to attend their first ever meetup and was able to meet the CEOs behind this amazing company. I was joined by 20+ other YesStyle fans for a luncheon and to give feedback to the CEOs on how they can improve YesStyle.

A photo of my lovely friends and I with Ceos Joshua K. Lau (left) and Priscilla Chu (right). They were extremely nice and grateful for all of us to be there. They accepted all of our feedback with open hearts. It was nice to see heads of companies just so willing to connect with their customers and it makes me feel great to support a company like this.

They started off the meet with a contest. A giftcard was taped under one of our chairs and who ever feels it wins a $50 gift card to YesStyle. And guess what? I was the lucky winner!!!!

My friend Kimberly won a pair of arm warmers! They defintely came in handy with the cold San Francisco weather!

My friend Rebeccca (Projectdivine101 on youtube) won a sweater dress!

Announcing the last contest winner!

YesStyle gave everyone goodie bags to take home! :D

Since it was a lunch, I had to show a photo of food right? The green tea desserts were the best!!!

My friends Rebecca ( and Kimberly.

After the event there was another event in-store! We all decided to head there to see if we could find any goodies! :]

And of course I did! I love the shopping bag they give you. So clean and very high quality.

You will definitely see these items in an upcoming video and post! :D

And lastly a photo of the goodie bag we all received!

I want to close off this blog post with a thank you to the CEOs and all the staff of YesStyle whom set up this meetup. It was honestly a great event. The staff were extremely kind and just made everyone feel ever so welcome. The CEOs were no different. They flew all the way from Hong Kong and they find time in their busy schedules to fit us, the customers into their lives.

I would say their first meetup was a success and they have told us there will be plenty more to come. If you get a chance to ever attend one of their future meetups do not miss it! You will definitely get a new perspective and meet amazing people.

Once again thank you YesStyle and thank you for making me a shopaholic!


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