Little Tokyo and The Grove

Side note: Sorry this blog post contains mainly photos.
Good after noon! Like I have promised, another blog post about my past few weeks. I had the great opportunity to meet a number of different amazing people. A few youtubers and my personal friends decided to all do a little meet up at Little Tokyo, LA. I must say that this experience was amazing and I wish we could get together more often.

(From Left to Right) Nayoung (Oiseau88), Connie (Cyexquisite), Me, Lynn (Pewpewpichu), Jessica

Lynn and I getting lost in Little Tokyo :D

Photos from a "secret" garden in Little Tokyo!

After Little Tokyo, Lynn, Connie, and I decided to go to the Grove. The Grove is an outdoor mall and Connie told me she never went there before. I decided we must take her there before the day is over.

Here is my "Come With Me Vlog" from the experience! ^___^
We are a tad bit goofy right? :]

One thing I am quite thankful besides my lovely subscribers/readers are the friends I have made through youtube. I remember people thought it was quite weird for someone to make friends via. online. However, it is highly possible. We all share a common interest(s), goal(s), and overall attitude about certain things. It is nice to have people to talk to about what you do on youtube and get advice from others who are experiencing what you are doing.

Love, Wenjin

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