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Korean Summer Fashion Trends

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I decided to do these type of blog posts, to show my readers what I like to look at when I look for inspiration. As well as showing my readers the current fashion trends in Korea. I won't really discuss them or be very detailed about them. It will be more of what photos and clothes caught my attention.

Please let me know if you like this type of blog post :]

Source: Zipia

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Review: 홀리카홀리카 (Holika Holika) 컬러 체인지 비비 (Color Change BB Cream)

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Link to Item Here

I specifically bought this bb cream because it could blend and match into my skin shade. I have always had an issue with finding a bb cream that would match my skin tone (Dr. Young BB Cream matches my skin tone!). I was really skeptical. I was afraid this bb cream would still be too light for me. However, I was wrong!

This is a triple function bb cream! It has an SPF/27 PA ++, Whitening, Anti-Aging care all in one! :]

I actually do wear extra spf under my face make up just for the added protection. I like to wear spf 40+, yes I am psycho.

Now for those who thinking the whitening part of bb creams is to lighten your skin, you are mistaken. Whitening in bb cream usually means to help lighten any hyper pigmentation you may have, such as acne scars, sun spots, and etc. It isn't to make your skin a different shade. I didn't buy this bb cream for anti-aging benefits, but might as well prevent instead of trying to fix it later on down the road!

Now for the full review, you can check the video below :]

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San Francisco Visit: Random Photos + Haul


Hello everyone! I went to San Francisco, last weekend. I have been stuck at home all summer and was finally about to just visit the lovely city of SF. It was a fun day and I was extremely tired afterwards.

Japan Town - Strawberry Chocolate Crepe w/ Chocolate Sauce + Ice Cream

It was pretty good! I was expecting it to be a bit more savory.

Westfield Union Square Mall

As you can see...this mall has a lot of floors O______O

Haul: From Japan Town

I bought the K-Palette Tattoo Liner (Limited Edition) and Essential Rich Premier Hair Treatment. I can't wait to try them. If you would like a review def. let me know. I also bought a bunch of random stuff as you can see :D I also have a surprise for you guys with my trip from SF. You will have to stay tune for it :]

Well that is all for my short blog post. I do hope it was enjoyable anyways. If you have any requests feel free to let me know (contact me via twitter or fb for a quicker response!)

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OOTD Casual Dinner Date + French Food! :]

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I kind of wished I picked a different pair of shoes ><, but these were the most comfy and I knew I was going to walk. I need to find shoes that just match with all my outfits!

Finally photos from my date! It was our monthly anniversary! ^__^

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OOTD 0715 & How To Cut/Trim Straight Full Bangs


Pastels, Florals, and Lace for Summer

It was a bit hard to figure out if this Lilac Blazer would suit me and how to put it in my wardrobe. I think I did some what a good job? The video is a tad bit different. I have no idea if I am going to continue doing my outfit of the days like this, but I like trying out different things. Let me know if you like it! (I am trying to improve my video quality and content!)

Tutorial: How to Cut/Trim Straight Full Bangs

I have always received questions regarding my bangs. I usually get my bangs done, but sometimes you just can't afford going in and getting trims often by a hair dresser. So, I thought to myself why don't I just do it myself. I honestly didn't really learn from anyone, just from observing my hair dresser. My hair dresser cuts my bangs with a different method. However, I find this method easy to do and also great for people who are not that crafty with shears like me! :]

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Gmarket Haul #3 ^___^


So if you guys know me. I love Gmarket! I am such a big fan of gmarket I wish I could always shop on there.

I made another order and the package arrived on Monday. I was extremely excited for this specific package since I got a few things that I thought would be great additions to my wardrobe (so I can change it up a bit).

I will be making a haul video for this gmarket package! So stay tune for that as well! (I will update this post with the video) :]

Package came damaged, which never happend before with previous gmarket packages I have received. However, the items were in great shape :]

Lilac Blazer

As you notice, I am a big fan of blazers! I saw this blazer and I thought I had to get it! I wear more pastel/light colors. This blazer also comes in black. This blazer is quite light weight, so I think it is great for day time or when you do not need much warmth. I am def. going to have fun figuring out what to wear with it! (Look out for a future OOTD with it :])

Light Wash Destroyed Skinny Jeans

I wanted to get a pair of destroyed/rip skinny jeans for as long as I can remember. The problem is...I never found exactly what I was looking for in stores. I tried this pair on and it is very fitted, a bit tight I would say. It is a Korean size 25 and in American size I am a 0 or 24. The jeans are a bit long, since they scrunch up, but it isn't too bad. I kind of think they look weird on me since I am not use to seeing the shape of my body. Def. going to try, put an outfit together with this, and see what happens.

Beige Blouses

The blouses are all big/loose style. So I can just stuff them into my bottoms or just let them hang out. I been wanting to get blouses like these for awhile. I honestly can't wait to wear them out! ^__^ The blouses are quite light weight.

Mulberry Alexa Inspired Bag (Beige)

I know many are not a fan of inspired bags, but I can't fork up the $2000-3000 for a bag. I actually saw this bag and totally was in love with the style of the bag, not knowing it was a name brand bag. =__= This seems to always happen to me. However, one bad thing about this bag...the seller forget to include the cross/shoulder strap! So I had to email gmarket (couldn't email the seller because it kept saying there was a delivery error). Gmarket was quick to respond! They told me I needed to take pictures of the item, packaging, and etc. They told me they would hurry and find a solution as soon as I can. Which, totally made me feel better. I do hope I get my strap for this bag soon because I love this bag!

Brown Lace Loose Top

A shirt my friend bought, I didn't take it out of the package.

Black Fitted Men's Blazer

This blazer is my boyfriend's. He bought it because he thought it was very different and he was sick of having his blazers (that he buy in the states) not fitting really well on him, they tend to be either too long or boxy (also his size for clothing tends to be a lot smaller than that American clothing stores have). Hopefully it will fit him (he is visting back home).

That is all folks! I will be making a video hopefully for this haul soon. I just been quite busy with my family life, so I usually don't have any quiet time to film.

If you have any questions I recommend asking me on my facebook or twitter. It takes me awhile to answer comments on my blog since I tend to always forget to reply =__=. Sorry, bad habit of mines. However, on facebook and twitter I will reply as soon as I can! ^__^ The links to my facebook and twitter account are on the side.

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Review: Geo Nudy Grey Circle Lens~

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Design: 8/10 They are quite pixelated and reptile like. I know many dislike the design, but I kind of like it. :D
Color: 7/10 These lens come off as a dark/bluish grey in indoor lighting. If there are bright lights, the lens will appear lighter.
Enlargement: 5/10 I think I already have big eyes and plus I don't look for the enlargement factor in circle lens. I have heard the Nudy lens are quite enlarging, but for me it makes no difference in size for my eyes.
Comfort: 7 or 8/10 The reason is I did have issues with them in the beginning. My right eye always felt like there was something in it. However, after awhile it has become more comfortable. It tends to get dry after maybe 3-4hours of wear.

I purchased these lens from Doll Front. I had to wait around a month to get them because they were out of stock, even though their list of IN STOCK lens stated they had some in stock. However, they didn't update it the list before I ordered. It did irritate me because I had to wait for a pre-order. I asked them to refund me the money instead and their policy doesn't allow refunds for situations like this.

I believe the lens were $16 + free shipping, since they had a deal/sale going on.

It was fast shipping, since I live in California and they are located in California as well. It took one day to get to me.

For a full review please watch the video above. ^___^

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