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Fall Makeup Tutorial

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Fall is my most favorite season of the year. The temperature is just right, the cloudiness is happiness for me, and the overall atmosphere warms my heart. I know I may seem quite weird, since a number of people prefer the spring/summer season more than any other season(s). However, spring for me is just an allergy fest and summer gets too hot to even step outside. Fall is just the right season, especially one major fact is that I love fall fashion. However, this post is about makeup (I should do a video about fall fashion, but I will save that for another day).

I created a simple, neutral, everyday makeup look inspired by fall. The colors of the eyeshadows, blush, and even the lip gloss represent the falling leaves of the fall season. It is very easy to do and it fits in well this season (or any season!).

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Coco Eye Sunflower Pink Review + Circle Lens Giveaway Sponsored by Jnk Contact Lenses

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Jnk Contact Lenses are a newly opened company located in California.
Besides lenses, Jnk also sells clothing, cell phone cases, and much more. They always update their stock with new items each month.

Non-prescriptions lenses are always in stock ready to ship ( only if there is special occasion) then it will takes up to 2 weeks for handling. As for the prescription ones, Jnk have a term of every 15 days for the batch, and the dates will also be listed on their facebook, web and twitter.

Currently they have a promotion going on Buy 4 Pairs of Circle lens Get 1 Pair Free (+ 5 Lens Cases) or Buy 6 Pairs and Get 2 Pairs Free (+8 Lens Cases).

Coupon Code for 10% the Website: WenxD

Review: Coco Eye Sunflower Pinks

Brand: CoCo Eye
Series: SunFlower
Lenses Color: Pink
Water Content: 48%
Using Cycle Periods: 1 Year
Diameter: 17.20 mm
Center Thickness: 0.022mm
Lenses Hardness: Soft

Circle Lens Giveaway

JnK Contact Lenses ( was kind enough to hold this giveaway for my subscribers.
Contest Open from Nov. 1st - Nov. 15th
Giveaway open internationally
Can only enter in one time for each, youtube, my facebook, and jnk's facebook.
I will be giving out 2 Pair of Circle Lens
(Randomly chosen by Kelly the owner of JnK)

1. Must be a Subscriber
2. Like this Video
3. Comment on the Youtube Video: Telling me what circle lens you like from the website.

Optional (Bonus):
4. Like my Facebook
Comment with what circle lens you like from the website and include your youtube username.

5. Like Jnk's Facebook page
Comment with the same answer as #4 and tell the webpage it is for wenxD's circle lens giveaway.

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