Swap from Lisa (mimiheartsme)

Today I received a package from the lovely Lisa (mimiheartsme on youtube!) She is such a sweet girl and always so fun to talk to. Please if you are not subscribed to her please check her youtube channel out! She has amazing tutorials and hauls

So, I ripped open the package because I was so excited! I am so happy with everything she got me. Seriously, I don't think she realizes it. I even squealed when I saw the letter (didn't I tell you guys I love receiving letters?)

I can't wait to try the ZA foundation because I heard so much about it from other bloggers (chaigyaru and xiaxue). I was scared that the shade wouldn't match me, but it looks like it would be a perfect match! I will def. report back to you guys on this product. :]

This jewelry! Does she know me that well? It is a style I would totally wear. I am so happy it is a bracelet because I wanted to go buy some simple but pretty bracelets and I didn't find anything I like. However, this bracelet I love it! It is simple and still gorgeous. I am glad it is hypoallergenic (I am actually allergic to a lot of metals), so I can wear often!

Thank you so much Lisa! For taking the time out of you busy schedule to get me these items. I honestly really appreciate it. I am glad to met you and I hope we will be able to meet up in real life soon! Glad to have a friend like you. ^___^

- Wenjin

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