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My Haircut/Style

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Hello everyone! As promised, I uploaded photos of my current hair and also the reference photos I used. For those who are interested in getting a haircut like mines! :]

My hair is cut with layers framing my face. The first layer starts a bit below my chin and the rest follows below it. As for the back layers, they are just simply cut long. Nothing too short. As for my bang, I asked my hair dresser to cut them a bit thicker and of course shorter.

Here are photos after I got my haircut!

Reference photos I used

Video regarding my recent haircut!

I do hope these photos will help! As well as the short video. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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Gmarket Haul #4 (TOP BLOGGER) + Video

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So...I did do another gmarket haul! Please remember I do not order by myself. I usually do group orders with friends. Anyways, I won top blogger for the month of June! This is my second time winning! I am quite surprised!

I wanted to scream when I got the package...but I didn't ahaha!

All the items!!

Lace Button Down

Item: BL-73/카라레이스블라우스/화이트
Really comfy and long! I love it and it doesn't have any loose thread coming out :]

Peachy Pink Loose Blouse

Item: C2-684 허밍BL 핑크F
Love the color it is so bright and fun! I love how loose it is and long <3

Sky Blue Skorts

Item: 해피슈치마바지/소라/Free
I love skorts because it looks like I am wearing a skirt but with the safety of a pair of shorts right under! The color is really pretty. Yay for pastels!! ^__^

Beige Military Coat

Item: 플레어jk(베이지s)
This coat is really heavy! It isn't made off cheap material for sure. I love the way it looks and it would look amazing with dresses.

Beige Bow Heels

Item: YC014-1로웰-베이지
Really great quality! I am quite impressed! They have a red sole, which I love. However one down size is that it is a tad bit too small, so I will have to do the ice trick to make it bigger. T___T

That is all for my gmarket haul this time. I totally forgot to take photos of the blush =___=...silly me! If you would like me to do a full review on all my etude house items I have please let me know!

That is all for now, have a great night <3


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Edgy Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial 얼짱 메이크업


As you can see by the title, this makeup look is quite different from what I am use to doing! I was inspired by the ulzzangs who sport more catlike, smokey, darker eyes. I think this look is great for those who do not like to go too crazy with their eye makeup, but they still want a look that would be dramatic enough. I think you can wear this look out for a night out on the town or an evening event.

I honestly thought I looked kind of weird with this makeup on. I like it, but I am obviously only use to seeing myself with more cutesy and simple type of makeup.

Hm...what do you guys think of it? Can I pull it off? :]

(If you notice, I tried not to smile in these photos, because I will end up looking too kid like if I did...and that ruins the purpose of the makeup!)

Product Used:
Etude House Proof 10 Eyelid Primer
Lorac Eyeshadow in Sand
88 Palette; Silver and Black
K-palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner
Dolly Wink Black Pencil Eyeliner
Taiwanese White Shimmer Stick
Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

Products not shown in the video, but used:
Milani Mineral Blush in Luminous
Etude House V.I.P. Girl Lipstick in You Say Pink

Geo Nudy Greys

Please Make Sure to Follow Me at:

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Loose Curls + Messy Side Bun Hair Tutorials

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Two hair tutorials that I have done :D
One is a remake of my past tutorial and the other is a great style for students!

How to Get Loose Curls

Back to School: Messy Side Bun Hair Tutorial

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Thank You! 1500+ Subscribers (GIVEAWAY?)


I recently reached over 1500+ subscribers a few days ago. I am quite shocked and amazed. I wouldn't have thought I would be watched at all. I always felt and still feel that my videos are not of great substance yet. I am trying my best to make them the best I can make them (such as getting a new camera, filming differently, editing and much more!).

I am not a youtube guru, I am definitely not a professional make up artist, hairstylist, fashion stylist, and etc. However, fashion and beauty related topics are of my interest. It is funny to me though, if you were talking to me back when I was in middle school (beginning high school) you would hear me talk about how I would never wear make up and how I didn't like it. I really have changed.

I am not really a big make up person if you notice my make up tutorials are not very extravagant, I like to stick to more simple looks because I am able to wear them in real life. I might try some crazier things in the future, just to test it out and see if I will get any good feedback from it. However, I think I am def. going to stick more with fashion related videos (and hair!). Since I do want to pursue a career in fashion. I am unsure of exactly what I want to do, almost every job in the fashion industry is as interesting as another. But, I know I really just want to be in fashion and be quite successful at it as well.

Now moving onto the video below, I decided to hold a giveaway to show you how thankful I am to all to those who have been supporting me and following me! This giveaway is on my youtube channel, so you will have to enter the contest there.

Giveaway Open Internationally!!!

1. Must Be A Subscriber to My Channel!
2. Like This Video!
3. Follow Me On Facebook! (Optional) www,
4. Leave A Comment: Requests, Questions, Advice, etc (No Enter Me Comments!)

And if you are under the age of 18 please make sure you have your parents' consent! I do not want either you or I to get in trouble. :]

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Target - Lace Up Combat Boots!


Mossimo Supply Co. Kienan Heeled Hiker Boots - Black

I went shopping at Target to get some groceries and I finished getting everything on my shopping list. I had time to spare and I stated roaming around Target. I walked towards the shoe section and saw these lovely shoes! I always wanted a pair like this.

I do have combat boots (they are also from Target) but they do not have a heel and when I saw these I thought to myself, I got to try these on. They only have a size that was half bigger than my shoe size, but I really wanted to see if it would fit. It fitted really comfortably. It didn't make my toes feel cramped or anything like that. I will have room to wear socks!

I haven't worn the shoes out yet, but you will def. see it in an outfit of the day hopefully soon!

Price: $34.99

Toe Style: Round Toe
Boot Style: Ankle
Boot Shaft Height: Approximately 4"
Heel Style: Faux Stacked
Heel Height: Approximately 3.5"
Sole Style: Lug Sole
Closure Type: Lace Up
Shoe Upper Material: Faux Suede
Shoe Outsole Material: Thermoplastic Rubber
Shoe Insole Material: Faux Leather
Shoe Lining Material: Textile
Features: Flexible Outsole, Cushioned Insole, Tagless Footbed

Link to Item

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IU (아이유) Inspired Make Up Tutorial

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I was inspired to do a look by the lovely korean idol, IU. I think she is just super adorable and I love her singing voice. This make up look is very simple, nothing to dramatic. Just a tad bit of pop with the white glitter eyeliner. Even though it is quite a simple look her eyes do stand out very well. This is my recreation of the look.

Make Up Products Used for This Look:

Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Stick
Holika Holika Color Change BB Cream
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Etude House Dream Pact In True Beige
NYX Mosaic Blush in Love

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liner in Super Black
Dolly Wink Pencil Liner in Black
NYX Trio: White, Gray, and Black used Black
Etude House Tear Drop Liner in White
Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

Etude House V.I.P. Girl Lipstick in Popstar Pink (009)
Milani 3D Glitzy Gloss in Fashion Diva

Make Up Tutorial Video:

(You can still hear background noise from while I was filming, I did muted all the clips. I don't understand why half way through the video you start hearing the noise from while I was filming.

I know I said I wasn't going to do make up tutorials anymore, but I couldn't help it. However, I do hope you will enjoy this tutorial!

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