San Francisco Visit: Random Photos + Haul

Hello everyone! I went to San Francisco, last weekend. I have been stuck at home all summer and was finally about to just visit the lovely city of SF. It was a fun day and I was extremely tired afterwards.

Japan Town - Strawberry Chocolate Crepe w/ Chocolate Sauce + Ice Cream

It was pretty good! I was expecting it to be a bit more savory.

Westfield Union Square Mall

As you can see...this mall has a lot of floors O______O

Haul: From Japan Town

I bought the K-Palette Tattoo Liner (Limited Edition) and Essential Rich Premier Hair Treatment. I can't wait to try them. If you would like a review def. let me know. I also bought a bunch of random stuff as you can see :D I also have a surprise for you guys with my trip from SF. You will have to stay tune for it :]

Well that is all for my short blog post. I do hope it was enjoyable anyways. If you have any requests feel free to let me know (contact me via twitter or fb for a quicker response!)

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5 Responses to “San Francisco Visit: Random Photos + Haul”

  1. Oh my goodness!
    I really want to go there so badly, there is nothing like this where I live !! This must have been super fun >.<

  2. omg! The first picture is amazing! lol. <3 I remember visiting Japantown for a little bit when I was in SF. Your outfit is so adorable!

  3. i wish i was there! I love the crepe, ur outfit and your haul! we have very similar, almost identical taste~ we should be twins :P

  4. @ItsDomu: Come come visit! You def. love it!!

    @Mindy: I can still taste the crepe, every time I look at that photo. Next time tell me when you are going to visit again! And thank you <3

    @Cinnabunnie: Thank you! Hahah~ yay twins :3

  5. i love your haul from JAPAN !!!