Review: 홀리카홀리카 (Holika Holika) 컬러 체인지 비비 (Color Change BB Cream)

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I specifically bought this bb cream because it could blend and match into my skin shade. I have always had an issue with finding a bb cream that would match my skin tone (Dr. Young BB Cream matches my skin tone!). I was really skeptical. I was afraid this bb cream would still be too light for me. However, I was wrong!

This is a triple function bb cream! It has an SPF/27 PA ++, Whitening, Anti-Aging care all in one! :]

I actually do wear extra spf under my face make up just for the added protection. I like to wear spf 40+, yes I am psycho.

Now for those who thinking the whitening part of bb creams is to lighten your skin, you are mistaken. Whitening in bb cream usually means to help lighten any hyper pigmentation you may have, such as acne scars, sun spots, and etc. It isn't to make your skin a different shade. I didn't buy this bb cream for anti-aging benefits, but might as well prevent instead of trying to fix it later on down the road!

Now for the full review, you can check the video below :]

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  1. Thanks so much hunny for posting this ^^ i was looking forward to this review because i have darker skin too for an asian gal~ finding the right bb cream is a pain >< i heard the liole triple the solution bb cream oxidizes to about a MAC nc30 while most bb creams are around nc20. it might good for you too!