Review: Geo Nudy Grey Circle Lens~

Design: 8/10 They are quite pixelated and reptile like. I know many dislike the design, but I kind of like it. :D
Color: 7/10 These lens come off as a dark/bluish grey in indoor lighting. If there are bright lights, the lens will appear lighter.
Enlargement: 5/10 I think I already have big eyes and plus I don't look for the enlargement factor in circle lens. I have heard the Nudy lens are quite enlarging, but for me it makes no difference in size for my eyes.
Comfort: 7 or 8/10 The reason is I did have issues with them in the beginning. My right eye always felt like there was something in it. However, after awhile it has become more comfortable. It tends to get dry after maybe 3-4hours of wear.

I purchased these lens from Doll Front. I had to wait around a month to get them because they were out of stock, even though their list of IN STOCK lens stated they had some in stock. However, they didn't update it the list before I ordered. It did irritate me because I had to wait for a pre-order. I asked them to refund me the money instead and their policy doesn't allow refunds for situations like this.

I believe the lens were $16 + free shipping, since they had a deal/sale going on.

It was fast shipping, since I live in California and they are located in California as well. It took one day to get to me.

For a full review please watch the video above. ^___^

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