OOTD Casual Dinner Date + French Food! :]

I kind of wished I picked a different pair of shoes ><, but these were the most comfy and I knew I was going to walk. I need to find shoes that just match with all my outfits!

Finally photos from my date! It was our monthly anniversary! ^__^

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One Response to “OOTD Casual Dinner Date + French Food! :]”

  1. Cute outfit! Same here, none of my shoes every match my outfits. But then again, I'm kinda like a cartoon character and pretty much wear the same clothes everyday LOL

    Aww congrats on your anniversary! We stopped celebrating monthly anniversaries years ago since we see each other everyday anyways, but I kind of miss it! Yearly anniversary isn't enough XD And the food looks SOO yummy!! om nom! <3