OOTD 061011: Vivi/Japanese Model Inspired

This outfit I wore today was inspired by the outfits I saw in Vivi Magazine (June 11) and as well as other Japanese magazines. I usually don't really know what to wear with this dress but I am glad that Vivi was able to give me some guide.

With this outfit, there will be a tutorial I filmed. I just have to edit it, which will be a very long process. T__T

I wore shorts under since the dress is very short. Also, I feel naked without shorts when I am wearing dresses or skirts...hehee ^__^"

Lace Dress - Yes Style (Store)
Khaki Shorts - Forever 21 (I always wear them it seems lol)
Brown Satchel Bag - Yes Style (Store)
Light Pink Heels - Gmarket
Saturn Pearl Necklace - I bought this on Soompi forums, I believe it may be from Gmarket as well. This is obviously Vivienne Westwood inspired (I bought this necklace way before I knew about the Brand ><)
Bow Earrings - Forever 21

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2 Responses to “OOTD 061011: Vivi/Japanese Model Inspired”

  1. SUPER cute outfit!! You always coordinate so nicely, I LOVE the dress <3 And omg your voice is so cute haha! I can't wear skirts or dresses without feeling totally awkward about it. I think some kid actually looked up my skirt once eww... absolutely cannot go without shorts or leggings, something to cover up!! >_<

  2. @Katie: Thank you ^^. Yes, I can't either! It just so weird wearing skirts/dresses without any bottoms under. Especially since I notice a lot of dresses/skirts are just getting shorter and shorter lately.

    When I walk up the stairs I always the bottom part so no one can see, even though I am wearing shorts under still LOL.