OOTD 060811: Pink (Black Lace) Blazer, Ruffles and Florals~

Yes, I finally had time to take photos of my outfit today! I usually don't have much time anymore. But for today, after I came back hope from shopping, I quickly thought to myself...I must take photos for my blog/youtube! I have probably have shown my followers my romper before and honestly I actually don't wear it much. I thought to myself I really need to make use of all my clothes instead of always buying new ones. So, this was exactly how I put this outfit together.

Oh please do not mind that my sleeves are not roll evenly...I did not realize it. ><"

Pink Blazer w/ Black Lace Details: Gmarket
Ruffle Floral Romper: Love Culture
Khaki Shorts: Forever 21
Pink Braided Belt: Forever 21
Beige Sandals: Gmarket
Pink Quilted Chained Bag: Gmarket

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