Neutral Dolly Make Up Tutorial

So, this look was suppose to be a GYARU inspired make up look. However, it didn't end up that way. So I just renamed it a "Dolly" make up look instead.

As I have stated in the video description box, I am not going to do make up tutorials for awhile (maybe from time to time). The reason is I am just not good at make up tutorials and my looks are quite simple (similar). So, I do hope you guys understand! I will still accept make up tutorial requests if you have one. ^__^

At the end of the video, you will see a surprise furry guest! (>^.^< hint?)

I do hope you will enjoy the tutorial! Please leave requests down in the comment section! It will really help me decide what videos I should make and record!

Thank you for reading


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One Response to “Neutral Dolly Make Up Tutorial”

  1. Thanks for the tutorial! The final look is really cute :D & awwwww now I really want to try the Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette too! Dolly Wink, why must you be so tempting?? D:

    Luna!! <33 I swear, she looks so much like my Kitty-Kitty... I want to hug her <3

    Oh! Have you tried the No.1 lashes yet?? Let me know how they are!! :D

    Btw I tagged youuuu :333