How to: Basics for Gmarket

I have made a simple tutorial on the Basics of Gmarket that you need to know to shop on there (for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc).

My weekend was basically just making this video and I kept messing up the voice overs. You might here my frustration in the video! I wish I was able to add in more information to the video, but that would make it an even longer video. My IMOVIE was also being mean >:[ it wouldn't allow me to upload any video that is over 10 mins (saying youtube doesn't allow it but youtube limit is now 15 mins!). So, I had to cut my video a lot. However, I hope many of you will find this video helpful in some way. This is my first time doing any time of video like this. The closest to this type of video I ever done is my skype calls with my friends when I was teaching them how to use gmarket.

There is more information regarding the video and other information you may need to know in the video description box. So please refer to it before asking me any questions. However, if I did not answer any of your questions in the video/info box feel free to comment down below or contact me via. twitter. ^^

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One Response to “How to: Basics for Gmarket”

  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for uploading this! I love gmarket but was always too frustrated to actually try and get something :P