Ebay Find: Denim Bow Wallet

Ebay, I believe is one of the most amazing places to find unique items you are unable to find in either your city or even your country.

I wanted to get a new wallet for awhile now. A wallet that really represents my style and personality. Which, led me to ebay. My previous wallet was just a black checkbook wallet from Forever 21. It wasn't really anything that spectacular.

My thoughts for finding a wallet that suited me was actually quite simple, it had to have a bow, maybe in white, or floral designs.

As a result of my search I found this amazing wallet!

I am so happy with this purchase. It just so cute and I think fits me very well. My ID fits perfectly in the window slot, you can actually see my name and all the information. One bad thing about this is the other slots on the other side. They seem to be too small to fit my cards. It could be that my cards are too bad for those slots or the slots are just too small.

I am a big fan of the zipper compartment. The interior of it just too cute and it fits my change (coins and bills!)

The price of the item: $8.99 + $1 (shipping)
I thought it was a tad bit expensive? I think it is because I am used to buying such cheap wallets from Forever 21. However, I thought it was worth it.

If you are interested in the wallet here is the link below:
Link To Item

The item shown above has been purchased with my own money.

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2 Responses to “Ebay Find: Denim Bow Wallet”

  1. omg :O The wallet is super cute !! ^_^ Thanks for sharing xD