Ebay Find (2): Rose Contact Case

As you can see, it is a cute contact case! I wanted to get a nice contact case I can use for traveling. Since I constantly wear circle lens! I also didn't want to just bring regular contact cases around and fear that the solution will spill in my bag or purse.

This case is very Anna Sui inspired. It comes in a number of different colors, black, white, blue, pink, and etc. I bought it in white because white is my favorite color. Also, I feel it just looks very clean looking.
It comes with the contact lens case, tweezers, and a bottle for your solution. It also has a nice mirror to make it easier for you to put on your contacts!

It is made of plastic and very compact. I am def. going to be excited to pull this out of my make up bag or purse in the future!

The price of the item was $4.50 + $1 Shipping.

Shipping on this item was quick! It was less than 5 days!

Link to Item

Overall, if you are looking for a cute contact cause I def. recommend this seller! They have a wide varieties of cases! Also, in many different colors to suit your taste.

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One Response to “Ebay Find (2): Rose Contact Case”

  1. Cute case! I love hunting of these sort of goodies off ebay, it's sooo cheap and I find that the whole "power seller" idea really helps me out when Im purchasing something off a seller! I used to be so paranoid about whether the seller was the real deal or not =)