1000+ Subscribers Thank You T___T

Yesterday was the day that my channel finally reached 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!! I am so just really shocked that 1000+ people want to watch my videos. It means so much to me that I have people who are very supportive and are very kind to me.

I honestly started my youtube channel in 2006 just to comment on videos. Around a year later, I decided to post up dance videos. I did not think my channel would become anything beauty related. The reason is I was always anti-make up/fashion It was something I was just not into. I did actually make a few tutorials previously, but I deleted them.

I started to officially decide to make fashion and beauty videos last year. It was a slow process honestly and still is. I am still learning new techniques for styling, as well as new techniques for editing my videos and trying my best to make them better. I am so happy that so many of you have stuck through me.

I admit my video quality is not the best and I am trying to save up money for a new camera for my videos. I want all my viewers and readers to have the best quality videos I can offer. I do hope you guys will enjoy my future videos and realize I am trying to make them better each time.

Thank you so much, I honestly would have written a whole essay, but I wanted to keep it short.
All I can say is I appreciate all of you and you do not know how much it means to me!


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