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Ebay Find (2): Rose Contact Case

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As you can see, it is a cute contact case! I wanted to get a nice contact case I can use for traveling. Since I constantly wear circle lens! I also didn't want to just bring regular contact cases around and fear that the solution will spill in my bag or purse.

This case is very Anna Sui inspired. It comes in a number of different colors, black, white, blue, pink, and etc. I bought it in white because white is my favorite color. Also, I feel it just looks very clean looking.
It comes with the contact lens case, tweezers, and a bottle for your solution. It also has a nice mirror to make it easier for you to put on your contacts!

It is made of plastic and very compact. I am def. going to be excited to pull this out of my make up bag or purse in the future!

The price of the item was $4.50 + $1 Shipping.

Shipping on this item was quick! It was less than 5 days!

Link to Item

Overall, if you are looking for a cute contact cause I def. recommend this seller! They have a wide varieties of cases! Also, in many different colors to suit your taste.

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Haul from Korea: Etude House & Holika Holika


A friend of mine in Korea was kind enough to send me a package with a bunch of korean cosmetic goodies! I am really grateful and just overall speechless. She is truly amazing.

Most of the items are from Etude House and Holika Holika. I always wanted to try Etude House products, but found that the prices of the items online tend to be pricey and there are chances of fakes. I love the packaging of korean products, it just very girly and unique. I am going to be excited when I pull out my make up products from my bag now!

From Holika Holika I received the Color Changing BB Cream. This bb cream comes out in a white and it will later blend into your skin tone/color. It is honestly very hard for me to find a good bb cream that is in my skin shade. So, I am hoping this would be a great item to try!

Also I received tons of different samples from Skin Food and Etude House. I cannot wait to try them out! <3 (Who doesn't love free samples!?)

I forget to mention a product in the video, so I thought to just show it on my blog instead.
I also got from Etude House the Proof 10 Eye Primer!

I wanted to get a new eye lid primer since my Too Face Shadow Insurance is about to run out. I am just not a fan of the price of it or Urban Decay's primer price either. This was around 4,950 won? So of course it is a lot cheaper than those other two primers. I do hope it will work as well too!

If you would like me to review any of the items mention please leave a comment down below!
Thank you for reading ^___^

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Review: Dolly Wink Eyeshadow


A number of individuals have asked me to make a review on the Dolly Wink Eyeshadow quad and here it is!

I actually made a video for this review, but I wasn't very happy with the video. So I decided just to screen shot images from the video to use as a review about this product on my blog instead!

This eyeshadow quad is from the japanese brand Koji. It is from the Dolly Wink line which was co-produced w/ the famous Japanese model Tsuabsa Masuwaka. I honestly have been wanting to try Dolly Wink for a really long time. I am so happy I was able to get my hands on some Dolly Wink products awhile back. The packaging is really adorable. Once you open it, it gives you a guide on how to use the eyeshadows as well as a few photos of Tsubasa modeling the eyeshadow quad.

This is how the eyeshadow quad looks like. It is made of a black shinny plastic. it is quite small, It fits in the palm of my hand. I love the details on the front. It has hearts and a few swirls going around it. I like the fact it is simple, but has a bit of girly action going on to it. Other might fan this packaging to childish. However, I like it.

This is how the quad will look like once you open it. It does not have a mirror. It comes with 4 eyeshadows and a double sided sponge tip applicators. I know a number of people are not a fan of the sponge tip applicators, but I find them great for quick looks and traveling.

Now it is time for the swatches! This is the swatches of the eyeshadows on my finger tips. Okay, first of I would like to say I honestly do not wear eyeshadow unless it is for make up tutorials. I just never really liked eyeshadows that much. It is nice to have but I just don't find it useful for myself. However, I gave into buying the product due to the packaging and I wanted to try a neutral eyeshadow palette. (I have already used this eyeshadow palette in a tutorial "dolly look" check it out!)
So instantly I realize these eyeshadows are highly pigmented! By the way, this is a drug store brand...a very pricey one sadly. Anyways, I must say these eyeshadows are really soft, smooth and not powdery. A lot of eyeshadows from drug stores tend be have a very chalky feeling. Often the eyeshadows contain too much glitter. This palette has shimmers (which is popular in Asian make up in general) but not chunks of glitter which I like.

As for blending quality. I think these eyeshadows blend like a charm. I used these eyeshadows to make a nice neutral smokey eye. It honestly was so easy to do and I didn't have to do much work with my brush.

For my overall opinion, I honestly think this eyeshadow palette from Dolly Wink is amazing (coming from a person that dislike eyeshadows in general). The packaging sadly sucked me in. Which is a bad thing since I shouldn't buy things for the packaging but the quality of the product. Also, I am not a fan of the price (I believe i got it for $18.99?) I know online it may be a lot more/less expensive. However, if you are willing to spend a bit of money maybe you should check this product out. But, I think you can probably find cheaper alternatives instead of dishing out the money for this quad.

I hope you find this review informative, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or contact me via. twitter!

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Updated Acne Skin Routine: Naruko + Vitacreme B12 Products


This is my updated skin care routine to treat my acne. The reason I recorded this video is because well obviously my skin routine has changed in the past month or so. I realize my last skin care routine stopped working or didn't help any further (after a 1 year + of using it). So I decided to change it to see if my skin will improve over time.

My skin honestly has gotten better, but not dramatically better. It still gets pimples here and there, but now it isn't a huge break out or the really nasty kinds of pimples do not really appear anymore.

I honestly am very insecure about my skin. It is one thing I have always dislike about myself. I tend to notice my skin more than others, so a number of people have told me my skin is actually really good. However, since are your toughest critic. I just harshly criticize myself because of my skin.

This new skin care routine has made me feel better about my skin. I am starting to notice some of the good aspects of my skin lately and I feel a lot better.

Obviously, I have not seen any miracles where my skin has become flawless overnight. I wasn't expecting that to happen at all. However, I was expecting my breakouts to be a lot smaller and also my scars to lighten.

Naruko: Niaouli and Tree Tree Acne Clay Cleanser
Product Details - NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree Acne Clay Cleanser, a deep cleansing mask and a cleanser, is stronger in deep cleansing and unclogging pores with its dual cleansing concept. Specially formulated with glycolic acid and an oil-controlling factor as core ingredients, it regulates sebum secretion and tightens pores. Added with an antiseptic ingredient (Piroctone olamine), it prevents acnes. It works in co-ordination with a mild cleansing formula. Just a small amount will form rich lather. It thoroughly cleanses facial sebum and removes dead skin cells, leaving skin very refreshed and clean. Skin will become radiant again, as if it had been polished.

Naruko: Niaouli and Tree Balancing Serum
Product Details- NARUKO Niaouli & Tea Tree Balancing Serum is stronger in thoroughly controlling sebum and freshly moisturizing with its unique balancing formula. Formulated with various natural plant extracts, it effectively relieves the skin and strengthens long-lasting hydration, maintaining moisture balance. At the same time, it removes dead skin cells, cleaning and purifying pores. It regulates sebum secretion of the skin’s surface and suppresses the formation of pimples. It gives total antiseptic treatment, promotes the repair of the skin, and reduces the sediment of melanin as well as the formation of acnes. It helps revitalize the skin, leaving it uneasy to suffer from acnes.

These Naruko items were all purchased through the official Naruko online US store.

Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Cream -
Product Details -
It corrects the skin suffering from fatigue, dehydration, aging or dullness.
It enhances skin’s resilience and firmness.
It prevents premature wrinkling.
It smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles.
It reduces the appearance of visible pores.
It replenishes skin with moisture and nourishment.
It smoothes or alleviates new or old scars caused by acne or insect bites.
It soothes damaged skin caused by prolonged exposure to sun.
It helps cure chafing rash.
It comforts shaved skin.

Item can be found on or Amazon (there are other websites as well)

Hopefully, you will find this video useful. If you want any full reviews on any of the products mentions, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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How to: Style Male Asian Hair + Lipstick TAG!

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A hair tutorial on a male!? D: WHAT? LOL! I actually been wanting to do one for awhile. Maybe, I felt some of the other tutorials out there had too much going on? As in...way too much product and too much time! I mean honestly, a lot of people do not have that much time to get ready and I am sure guys do not want to take that much time as well. (btw, I am in no way saying the other tutorials are bad, I wanted to state that this tutorial is for those who do not have much time on their hands, but would like to still style their hair! ^^)

This hair tutorial isn't just for Asian males, it can be for any ethnicity as long as you have a similar hair cut/style and also females if you hair is a lot shorter.

I do hope many of you find the video useful and easy to follow!

Now for the LIPSTICK TAG!
I was tagged by the lovely Katie (HEY GIRL!).

(1) When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
Hm...I honestly didn't like make up as a child. I may have used my mom lipstick once.

(2) How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
Hm...I would say either 17 or 18. I didn't really get into make up until my senior year of hs/freshman year of college.

(3) Pink or red lipstick?
I have not tried a red lipstick before. I prefer pink anyways, it fits my style a lot better.

(4) The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
Probably the Mac lipsticks I have. If a lipstick is over $20 I usually run away from it. LOL

(5) And the cheapest?
Probably my NYX or Rimmel lipsticks.

(6) What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
Put it on my brother... :D

(7) If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
I def. recommend NYX lipsticks. The reason is because they are really affordable and very good quality. The range of colors are nice too. They are not drying and they have a nice texture to them.

I will probably pick random people later on to do this tag, when I have time!

Thank you for reading!

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1000+ Subscribers Thank You T___T

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Yesterday was the day that my channel finally reached 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!! I am so just really shocked that 1000+ people want to watch my videos. It means so much to me that I have people who are very supportive and are very kind to me.

I honestly started my youtube channel in 2006 just to comment on videos. Around a year later, I decided to post up dance videos. I did not think my channel would become anything beauty related. The reason is I was always anti-make up/fashion It was something I was just not into. I did actually make a few tutorials previously, but I deleted them.

I started to officially decide to make fashion and beauty videos last year. It was a slow process honestly and still is. I am still learning new techniques for styling, as well as new techniques for editing my videos and trying my best to make them better. I am so happy that so many of you have stuck through me.

I admit my video quality is not the best and I am trying to save up money for a new camera for my videos. I want all my viewers and readers to have the best quality videos I can offer. I do hope you guys will enjoy my future videos and realize I am trying to make them better each time.

Thank you so much, I honestly would have written a whole essay, but I wanted to keep it short.
All I can say is I appreciate all of you and you do not know how much it means to me!


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Neutral Dolly Make Up Tutorial

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So, this look was suppose to be a GYARU inspired make up look. However, it didn't end up that way. So I just renamed it a "Dolly" make up look instead.

As I have stated in the video description box, I am not going to do make up tutorials for awhile (maybe from time to time). The reason is I am just not good at make up tutorials and my looks are quite simple (similar). So, I do hope you guys understand! I will still accept make up tutorial requests if you have one. ^__^

At the end of the video, you will see a surprise furry guest! (>^.^< hint?)

I do hope you will enjoy the tutorial! Please leave requests down in the comment section! It will really help me decide what videos I should make and record!

Thank you for reading


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OOTD 061011: Vivi/Japanese Model Inspired


This outfit I wore today was inspired by the outfits I saw in Vivi Magazine (June 11) and as well as other Japanese magazines. I usually don't really know what to wear with this dress but I am glad that Vivi was able to give me some guide.

With this outfit, there will be a tutorial I filmed. I just have to edit it, which will be a very long process. T__T

I wore shorts under since the dress is very short. Also, I feel naked without shorts when I am wearing dresses or skirts...hehee ^__^"

Lace Dress - Yes Style (Store)
Khaki Shorts - Forever 21 (I always wear them it seems lol)
Brown Satchel Bag - Yes Style (Store)
Light Pink Heels - Gmarket
Saturn Pearl Necklace - I bought this on Soompi forums, I believe it may be from Gmarket as well. This is obviously Vivienne Westwood inspired (I bought this necklace way before I knew about the Brand ><)
Bow Earrings - Forever 21

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OOTD 060811: Pink (Black Lace) Blazer, Ruffles and Florals~


Yes, I finally had time to take photos of my outfit today! I usually don't have much time anymore. But for today, after I came back hope from shopping, I quickly thought to myself...I must take photos for my blog/youtube! I have probably have shown my followers my romper before and honestly I actually don't wear it much. I thought to myself I really need to make use of all my clothes instead of always buying new ones. So, this was exactly how I put this outfit together.

Oh please do not mind that my sleeves are not roll evenly...I did not realize it. ><"

Pink Blazer w/ Black Lace Details: Gmarket
Ruffle Floral Romper: Love Culture
Khaki Shorts: Forever 21
Pink Braided Belt: Forever 21
Beige Sandals: Gmarket
Pink Quilted Chained Bag: Gmarket

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How to: Basics for Gmarket

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I have made a simple tutorial on the Basics of Gmarket that you need to know to shop on there (for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc).

My weekend was basically just making this video and I kept messing up the voice overs. You might here my frustration in the video! I wish I was able to add in more information to the video, but that would make it an even longer video. My IMOVIE was also being mean >:[ it wouldn't allow me to upload any video that is over 10 mins (saying youtube doesn't allow it but youtube limit is now 15 mins!). So, I had to cut my video a lot. However, I hope many of you will find this video helpful in some way. This is my first time doing any time of video like this. The closest to this type of video I ever done is my skype calls with my friends when I was teaching them how to use gmarket.

There is more information regarding the video and other information you may need to know in the video description box. So please refer to it before asking me any questions. However, if I did not answer any of your questions in the video/info box feel free to comment down below or contact me via. twitter. ^^

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Ebay Find: Denim Bow Wallet


Ebay, I believe is one of the most amazing places to find unique items you are unable to find in either your city or even your country.

I wanted to get a new wallet for awhile now. A wallet that really represents my style and personality. Which, led me to ebay. My previous wallet was just a black checkbook wallet from Forever 21. It wasn't really anything that spectacular.

My thoughts for finding a wallet that suited me was actually quite simple, it had to have a bow, maybe in white, or floral designs.

As a result of my search I found this amazing wallet!

I am so happy with this purchase. It just so cute and I think fits me very well. My ID fits perfectly in the window slot, you can actually see my name and all the information. One bad thing about this is the other slots on the other side. They seem to be too small to fit my cards. It could be that my cards are too bad for those slots or the slots are just too small.

I am a big fan of the zipper compartment. The interior of it just too cute and it fits my change (coins and bills!)

The price of the item: $8.99 + $1 (shipping)
I thought it was a tad bit expensive? I think it is because I am used to buying such cheap wallets from Forever 21. However, I thought it was worth it.

If you are interested in the wallet here is the link below:
Link To Item

The item shown above has been purchased with my own money.

Thank you for visiting my blog~

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Korean & Japanese Inspired Summer Make Up Look/Outfit


I would like to first apologize that I have not done a make up tutorial in such a long time. I am not a pro at all with make up, but I thought that my tutorials will be great for beginners.

This make up look is for the upcoming summer season. I was inspired by the make up looks I have seen in a number of different korean and japanese magazines. I obviously have a different face than those of the models on there. So, I tried my best to do a look that would fit my eyelids and face a lot better.

I recommended to use a make up base and sunscreen prior to applying any make up. The reason for the make up base is because it will help to keep your make up stay on longer throughout the day and also go on much smoother. As for sunscreen, it is summer! The uva/uvb rays are going to seriously attack your skin and you need as much protection as you can get (without protection you can get sun damage/pre-mature wrinkles~).

As for your base make up, I recommend using either bb cream, tinted moisturizer, or a light foundation. During summer, the heat may cause your make up to slide right off, if you are wearing heavy foundation. That is why I recommend a more lighter alternative. This will help your skin to still look great and without the worries of it possibly melting right off due to the heat. :] YAY!

Now onto the eyeshadows, I used a light blue all over the lids. I extended the color a bit pass my lash line and this will help to show the color more especially if you have hooded eyelids like me. It also will give a bit of length to your eyes. The next color, is a navy blue/dark blue and you will apply this near the crease or where you feel your eyeball socket. I lightly line the shape of my eyeball and blend it. I try to not go pass my crease because going back to the issue with my eyelids it will help to keep the color concentrated (visible). The last eyeshadow I used is orange. Orange and blue are complementary colors (color wheel) and I apply the color on the bottom outer corner of my lash line. This will help to create a overall balance look. It help to create appeal to your eyes as well. Finally, apply a shimmer white eyeshadow/pencil to the inner corners of your eyes (this is popular in asian make up looks) and this will help brighten/open up your eyes.

The last finishing touches are mascara (I recommend using a waterproof one so it won't smudge!), an orange blush (this will be great for summer since it will give you a summer glow) and finally nude lips (due to the bright colors from the eyeshadow this will help balance the whole look).

Vitacreme B12: Regenerative Cream
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunscreen SPF 70

Dr.Young 2p BB Cream
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer
NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Love

Too Face Shadow Insurance
88 Eyeshadow Palette
L'oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
Taiwanese Eye shimmer Stick in White
Blinc Mascara in Black

Mac Lipstick in High Tea
Revlon Lipgloss in Peach Petal

Now moving on to the outfit.

(stock photo of the dress)

I bought the dress from gmarket because I thought it would be great for summer. it is light weight and the colors I think are perfect. The sandals were also from gmarket and I thought they would be great to wear during summer.

I always wanted a floppy hat and found a great one at Target (You got to love target)!! A hat is a great way to shade your face and body from the unbearable heat!

As for accessories, I kept it simple with just some studs, a simple necklace, and a bag that would match with the dress.

Anyways, sorry for this long post! I wanted to give you guys as much information I can. I do hope you like the tutorial as well as the outfit of the day.

Thank you for reading!


Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. Besides the Blinc mascara that was a present. ^^

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