Where to get all the Asian goodies?

I realize a number of people have always been curious as to where to get asian products such as make up, skin care, fashion (jewlery, clothes), music, dramas, and etc. I wanted to make a list for my readers so that it will be easier for a number of you to get access to your needs.

(not in a specific order) I am not affiliated with any of these websites mention; I just thought this would be useful to a number of people.

I love ZIPIA! However, I dislike the $300 minimum =___= So I just browse the website for fashion inspiration.

Great place for anything korean! Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Music, Posters, Notebooks, Cameras, and etc.

Pretty and Cute
A great place for people living in the states to get access to Asian Make Up/Skin Care, as well as a number of different accesories~
This website is owned by the lovely Janie, now I have talked to her a few times through facebook and she is a total sweetheart!

To February
I find that this website is a great source for asian jewelry; they are affordable and shipping is only $1 within the states!
They also carry clothes, cell phone charms, and other cool items!

Yes Style
I am a find of Yesstyle, due to their San Francisco store. I think this website is easily accesible to people who are not living in Korea, Japan, China, or other Asian countries. Because they carry a number of different brands from different countries. I do find the prices of the items kind of high, which is why it is better to attack the site when there are sales!

Yes Asia
A great source to get your Asian entertainment from! If you do not have a place to get it near you. You should check this website out. They also sell fan items, posters, and just a bunch of things you wouldn't expect. I used to buy from here when I was unable to find certain albums in stores.

Want to get your hands on the latest Japanese make up? I found this website through fuzkittie and I was so happy to find a store that was located in the states, because I often hated waiting for my items from overseas. T___T

You wouldn't think you can find tons of Asian products on there huh? Well, I know it is a great place to find Asian fashion for an affordable price. As for make up/skin care, you have to be careful, there are fakes floating around there!

This is my list for now. I can't think of anymore websites off the top of my head, but if I do I will edit this post with the links!

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2 Responses to “Where to get all the Asian goodies?”

  1. good list! i think ebay is the best for cheap stuff but u have to be patience~

  2. omgg thank you! i was looking for places to shop for asian goodies hehe :D