Second Gmarket Haul~

Hello everyone!

Yes, I have another gmarket haul. The reason I made another one was because I won Top Blogger for April (Gmarket). As a reward, i received gift certificates to gmarket. They totally want me to shop more! LOL <3 I love this online store. I honestly decided to stop shopping in stores now and just shop via. Gmarket. It is so easy and I am able to get things I 100% love and the fit of the clothes fit better than American brand clothing (A lot of American clothing brands are still loose and don't fit correctly on my body).

The first item is this white cardigan(?)/jacket, that totally reminds me of jacket T-ara (티아라) wore during their promotions for the song Why are you being like this? (왜 이러니) I really like it and amazing quality!

This blue dress is just as gorgeous as in the stock photo. It is amazing quality and I just fell in love with the color.

I was looking for a dress for summer and found this. I think it looks super cute and just perfect for the hot season. Esp with a cancan or floppy sun hat ^^

I always wanted a quilted bag like this, yes it very Chanel like. I just always been a fan of quilted bags. I saw this and had to pick up one. I picked a light pink because I thought it will be a great change. I tend to always go for white/ivory colored things.
It is an amazing buy and the quality I can't believe how great it is!

Finally, I picked up these adorable pink heels. I was unsure of the quality of these shoes when I was buying them and I admit I was a bit scared. However, when I received them I was shocked! They looked exactly like the stock photos and they were of amazing quality. The soles were on well and they guled it extremely well. It also came with replacement rubber for the bottom of the heels.

Beautiful black lace dresss w/ tulle, very similar to the black dress from the previous gmarket haul but that one was my friend's. I ordered the same exact one, but the seller canceled it on me. So, I found this instead. Still gorgeous :]

Beige Sandals, I think they are quite comfy. I am unsure of the color with my skin color since I am quite tan. I got to try and figure out what I can wear with it.

White Lace Usamimi Headband, I have been seeing this everywhere and decided to get one for myself. I got the white lace because i prefer white lace over black lace. Also, I thought it was quite unique since I haven't seen a lace one around.

Youtube video will made soon~

Overall Opinion on gmarket:
I honestly think it is amazing, I do wish I lived in Korea since most sellers offer free shipping. I do admit overseas shipping is expensive, but if you make a large order with other people the shipping isn't all too bad. I think Gmarket is the perfect place for individuals who are interested in korean products/fashion. I won't be buying anymore clothes (maybe) in the states anymore or as often as I used to because of gmarket.

Please don't take my word for it but check it out yourself!

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11 Responses to “Second Gmarket Haul~”

  1. The items that you got are so cute! I really love that blue dress!

  2. AHHH i love the purse! so cuteee!

  3. Nice outfits!! Love the summer dress :D

  4. Lovely haul! ^^ I really love the 2 blue dresses the best, so pretty and look really comfy! :D

    PS You really look like SeoHyun in your GFC picture, so pretty!

  5. I love all of your hauls :O
    especially the blue dress and the pump shoes x)

  6. @Willa: Thank you ^^; it is a really gorgeous dress.

    @pankeke: The purse is my new favorite.

    @Joanna: Thank you ^^

    @Hercy: Yes, they are very comfy. GFC(?) picture? However, thank you lol. ^^

    @Mei: Thank you! Glad you like them. ^^

  7. Can I have the link of the pink shoes ? thanks :)

  8. @sy: Sure; here you go!

  9. can i have the link to the quilt bag please? Thank you

  10. @Maki: Suree :] Here you go!