Japanese & Korean Skincare/Make Up Haul

The Face Shop:
Green Tea Blackhead Remover Gommage Pack
Blackhead EX Charcoal Pore Strip
Smart Peeling Very Berry Scrub Foam
Quick & Clean First Aid Gel
Jasmine & Fennel Mask Sheet

Dolly Wink:
Pencil Eyeliner
No. 1 Dolly Sweet Lashes
Volume Mascara
Eyeshadow 01 Brown

Lashes 07 & 13
Bottom lashes 17

Please request for any items you would be interested in me reviewing.

Thank you ^^

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3 Responses to “Japanese & Korean Skincare/Make Up Haul”

  1. could you review all the Dolly WInk products & the lashes? thank you! ^^;

  2. Hi :) It's my first time posting a comment xD
    Can you please review the Dolly Wink Eyeshadow and mascara? :D thank you!

  3. @Jer: Yes, I can ^^

    @xLeafClover: Hiii ^^; Yes, I will try to do reviews soon.