♥200+ follower GIVEAWAY♥ + J. CAMPBELL & SNAPS

Anna is holding a giveaway to celebrate that her blog reached over 200+ followers! She is an amazing blogger, with great tips and fashion. Please go check her out! ^^

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2 Responses to “I'M SO JELLY's GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!”

  1. I actually live like 5 minutes away from The Face Shop! My boyfriend works at the Paris Baguette right next door too :D

    You absolutely MUST pay them a visit! My boyfriend uses their products: they're amazing. I haven't had a chance to try anything myself, but I'm always so tempted. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to run out of his products so we can buy everything together to get free stuff :P I even bought a gift set for my mom and got $10 worth of free stuff ^^ The store is super adorable too... <33 TONS of makeup for affordable prices too, I can just go on and on! I promise you'll be stuck in that store for ages! :D

  2. You're welcome!! I can't wait to buy some stuff from there too, just waiting to take advantage of those free stuff haha!

    Yup lucky for us Paris Baguette is here in Santa Clara :D So funny how I never even noticed that place until last September! Same with The Face Shop, I just never bothered to walk in, even though I visited the Galleria store for years! :P

    At Paris Baguette, I highly recommend spicy sausage (I think that's it?) There's 2 different kinds... you want the one that looks like a pig in a blanket, MY FAVORITE!! Also have to try the puddings! My boyfriend brings so many home for me, so we have tons of bottles haha. Also the waffle, cinnamon raisin bun, and there's this flaky pastry with cream and kiwi, strawberry and blackberry on top. Suuuuper yummy, the very first item I tried from there. :D

    Ohhh Mitsuwa <3 Lucky I was just there today, so I can name some:

    They have TONS of Dolly Wink including the cute pamphlets with Tsubasa's looks!! Be sure to take one with you :D They don't have the nail polishes, but I noticed they have the *pa nail polishes in stock again :))


    Palty (makeup & hairdye), DHC, Prettia, SANA, KOJI, FITS, Shiseido Tsubaki, Ichikami (endorsed by Koda Kumi!), Gatsby, KOSE, Kanebo Naive, etc.

    They used to carry FITS Sexy Girl, but not anymore. Still crushed they stopped carrying my favorite brand :'( Also don't see the 1 Day Tattoo liners anymore noooo! They have a lot more brands, I just don't know the names of them. :) They also opened a Daiso right next to Mitsuwa! Sometimes it's not open, and it's pretty ghetto because they have no flooring, but still worth a visit LOL. Also, cash only! @___@ Also be sure to visit Clover Bakery & Cafe for some yummy bread! Highly recommend the spaghetti bread with hot dogs <3 There's another bread inside the case at the front (sorta shaped like a rounded diamond) I forgot what it's called, it's in Japanese, and it's fried, but suuuuuuper yummezzzz ><

    Wow, sorry I wrote so much LOL Hope I was able to help you and get you more hyped for a visit :D If you need a haircut too, visit Diane at The Elegant Curl! Not sure if she's back from vacation, but she's totally worth the trip alone ^^