Winter Fun~ Los Angeles - Korean Cafe

If you guys follow my twitter; you would have notice last winter I was in LA for awhile.

I decided to post up the pictures of the food I took.

I am sorry the only photos I have are of food. My batteries totally died T___T so the only good photos I have are from a korean cafe called 화선지 in k-town.

Green Tea Latte <3; it was amazing T^T I am craving for some now.

Patbingsoo~ (Sorry...someone was impatient and attacked it before I could snap a shot of it.)
If you do not know what Patbingsoo is it the korean version of shaved ice.

I decided to show you guys a bit of my life, I am a bit insecure about anything personal especially via internet. However, I think things like this will be some what interesting? Do you agree? Or it just makes you hungry? HAHAHA

Well have a great weekend everyone!

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6 Responses to “Winter Fun~ Los Angeles - Korean Cafe”

  1. HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY! >.< i always wanted to try patbingsoo and that green tea latter looks helllaa good.

  2. Hi! I found your blog from G-Market... CONGRATS!! ;D

    OMG 팥빙수! I miss it so much... there was a Boba shop right near my house I'd been going to for like, 5 years, and he finally decided to close up and turn into a restaurant :( Thank GOD for Paris Baguette!! I forgot they make 팥빙수 too LOL Not as good as Boba Guy's (our nickname for him even though he's a lot older LOL), but 팥빙수 is 팥빙수, yeah? ^^;

    AHHHH the biscuits! I buy those a lot lately from Galleria, they're SOOOOO yummy X3 You can get a whole tub of them for like $3 :D

  3. BINGSOOOOOOOOOO! I love it! Ah this entry has me hungry :D

  4. This post makes me so hungry. I saw your link on soompi! <3 I want to be friends with you. ^^
    Write me back if you want to be friends too :3 x

  5. Thanks for writing back x
    Followed you! <3