Small Haul~

Last weekend, I went for a little shopping, I didn't get much but I am quite happy with my purchases.

The blush (Pink Passion) is from ELF and I got it because it looks similar to Candy Doll's Blush in Strawberry Pink. I didn't want to fork out the money for the Candy Doll blush, so I went with this elf blush instead, and it was only $3! I compared it with photos of Strawberry Pink and I think they are quite similar. The Elf blush has amazing pigmentation and it is quite smooth. It is a matte, bright pink color.

I also decided to finally get myself a paddle brush from Sally Beauty Supply and so far I am loving it. I bought it specifically because it was white...(white is my favorite color) it works well! It also came with two free samples of a hair mask and a curl definer(?).

The cometic wedges are actually one of my favorites too, they are of a tear drop shape; reminds me of the Cerulean Gym Badge (harhar pokemon nerd). I get very lazy to wash my brushes, so I sometimes like to use cosmetic wedges to do my make up.

I also bought two new nail polishes, just a simple plain white nail polish from Sally Hansen that was on sale and a silver glitter polish from Wet n Wild.

Finally, I went by Ulta to pick up a back up of my favorite liquid eyeliner, which is the Loreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black. it is so hard to find this product in Target or Wal-Mart, so I had to go to Ulta to find it. It isn't waterproof but I find that it stays the longest on my oily lids (even with primer). Love it!!

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  1. Ahh you didn't post about it but... are those the argan oil products too?? I saw those at sally's and I was thinking of picking it up because I loved argan oil<3!