Gmarket Order~~ (Haul)

I ordered from Gmarket the beginning of the month and received it today (4/13). I actually missed the mail man today and I had to wait until the next day to get it at the post office. However, I saw the mail man later on and I quickly ran after him asking him if I could get my package. Luckily, I did. I know I probably seem like a real loser running after a mail man, but I seriously couldn't wait to get this package!

This is my second time ordering from Gmarket, the first time was a faux fur lined hooded jacket for my boyfriend and he absolutely is in love with it. I decided to make an order again, just because it is so hard to find good clothing. I am actually very picky and I am not a big fan of the American store brands (sometimes I do find great finds, but rare). So, I thought to myself, I should just buy things off of Gmarket more often, because I rather spend the same amount of money I spend on clothes here (the states) on clothes I actually really like. I would say the price + shipping will be the same cost as an item from forever 21, h&m, or urban outfitters, depending on what you get.

Well, enough with the talking! Let's get to the clothes :DDDD (I am getting excited just talking about it...freak <.<)

Oh my...I tried my best not to rip the box open...>.>

First item is a white loose top, with the words Style printed on it.
It is incredible soft and it looks exactly like that photos! I love it! I have been wanting a nice loose top that would look with skinny jeans and I think I found it. :] It was so affordable too!

Knee Length Ivory Tutu Skirt~ It is so pretty!!

Gray Dress w/ Black detailing~ I fell in love with this because it looks so different and reminds me of a skater dress.

Pink Blazer w/ Black Lace detailing~ This is an absolutely gorgeous blazer and very unique!

Pink Leather Jacket; it is very rare to find a pink leather jacket here and I am so happy I got this. It will look amazing with girly dresses and will give it some what an edgy look. AMAZING QUALITY!

Finally the last items are for other people, but I took photos and as well have the stock photos saved.

Overall, all the items looked exactly like the photos (maybe the shade of color is a tad bit off) and amazing quality! I feel these clothes fit so much better than clothes from here. I am just so happy about this order! I will buy from Gmarket more often in the future!

Stay tune for future outfit of the days with these Gmarket items! ^^

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21 Responses to “Gmarket Order~~ (Haul)”

  1. omg. those are so cute!!
    i love the grey and black dress and pink jacket with the lace detail!!
    i should get me some gmarket clothes soon.
    i miss having a gmarket haul! LOL

  2. Oooh, I love all your new clothes!!! Super cute!

    And I realized...while listening to korean music....that you have korean music on your blog! 유키스 :)

  3. Oooh, I've never ordered from Gmarket, but everything looks really nice, I will one day :D

  4. i am soooo in love with the pink blazers <3

  5. Great haul! You've got such good taste. I really like the first top, the pink leather jacket and the tutu skirt.
    Btw, reading a few posts before, I didn't realize that YesStyle had actual brick and mortar stores. I thought it was just online.
    Nice blog. Following you now :)

  6. @starswithwings: Thank you~; gmarket is now my to go place for shopping!

    @Cupcake.Fashionista: Thanks! Yes, 유키스 짱~ (Sorry if the music was distracting!)

    @♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆: You should one day! It is better if you get other people to order with you, it will make the shipping cost cheaper! :]

    @pankeke: Hello dollie! Yes, I am so in love with my pink blazer, but I do not know what to wear it with. T__T

    @Joey: Thank you! ^^ Yes Style only has one actually store (sadly). Hopefully they will be able to expand it around the globe! And thank you for following! I really appreciate it. :]

  7. love your purchases! i've been looking for a pink blazer for the longest time ever since i seen someone wearing it last summer! i found one at zara but it was expensive.

    do you mind sharing the link to the pink blazer (the last picture)? thank you~

  8. @bebemui: Yes, I have been wanting a pink blazer for awhile too! Zara is really expensive T__T but such a lovely store.

    And sure! Here is the link:
    To find it in the drop down menu look for 오페라 배색자켓 핑크
    It comes in two sizes!

  9. Could you tell me how your pink blazer fits on you? I'm actually interested in getting the second pink blazer myself but I'm worried it might be too long on me because I'm only 5'2.

  10. @Ngoc: My blazer is loose fitted, but that is how it suppose to be. I am 5'3" and it isn't too long for me. You should check the measurements to see how long the length of the blazer is and how it will fit your body. :]

  11. Can you post the link for the pink blazer with the lace please?
    And how does it fit on you?
    I'm 5'2" and pretty skinny.

  12. @Peggy: Sure, I can!

    It fits loosely on me, but like I have said before it suppose to be loose fitted to the body, so I think it fits me well. ^^

  13. what a gorgeous haul! :)
    can you post the link of the pink and grey bomber jacket? thanks!

  14. @polkadotch: Sure!


  15. link to the grey dress and tutu please ♥

  16. may i have the link for the pink leather blazer?

  17. @ sophie moo: here you go:


    @August: Here it is:

  18. Hi,

    Love all your purchases! How much was the shipping fee though?

  19. @cyau17: It depends on the weight of your items, I believe shipping per an item was like $4-5, I don't clearly remember without calculating it.

  20. do you still have the links for the girl's pink jacket and the man's black jacket?

  21. @Than Nguyen: The shop for the pink leather jacket is now out of stock of all their items and it doesn't seem they are going to update any time soon.
    And as for the guy jacket are you talking about the grey one? It isn't black. However, it comes in black. Well the link for the item is below:
    Item: H TYPE