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Winter Fun~ Los Angeles - Korean Cafe


If you guys follow my twitter; you would have notice last winter I was in LA for awhile.

I decided to post up the pictures of the food I took.

I am sorry the only photos I have are of food. My batteries totally died T___T so the only good photos I have are from a korean cafe called 화선지 in k-town.

Green Tea Latte <3; it was amazing T^T I am craving for some now.

Patbingsoo~ (Sorry...someone was impatient and attacked it before I could snap a shot of it.)
If you do not know what Patbingsoo is it the korean version of shaved ice.

I decided to show you guys a bit of my life, I am a bit insecure about anything personal especially via internet. However, I think things like this will be some what interesting? Do you agree? Or it just makes you hungry? HAHAHA

Well have a great weekend everyone!

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FOTD 04/27/2011


I do not do a lot of FOTD blog posts, just because I usually wear the same thing over and over ><
However, I decided just to take a photo of my normal or daily routine. I sometimes like to take out a step or so.
Well here it is! I hope you like it :]

Make Up Products:

Loreal's True Match Foundation
Pallido Rice Powder
Elf Studio Blush in Pink Passion (You can barely see it =/)

Loreal's Lineur Intense Carbon Black
Taiwanese Shimmer Stick in White
Dark Brown Eyeshadow

Sephora Glamour Lipstick in 05

All items were bought by me :]

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Small Haul~

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Last weekend, I went for a little shopping, I didn't get much but I am quite happy with my purchases.

The blush (Pink Passion) is from ELF and I got it because it looks similar to Candy Doll's Blush in Strawberry Pink. I didn't want to fork out the money for the Candy Doll blush, so I went with this elf blush instead, and it was only $3! I compared it with photos of Strawberry Pink and I think they are quite similar. The Elf blush has amazing pigmentation and it is quite smooth. It is a matte, bright pink color.

I also decided to finally get myself a paddle brush from Sally Beauty Supply and so far I am loving it. I bought it specifically because it was white...(white is my favorite color) it works well! It also came with two free samples of a hair mask and a curl definer(?).

The cometic wedges are actually one of my favorites too, they are of a tear drop shape; reminds me of the Cerulean Gym Badge (harhar pokemon nerd). I get very lazy to wash my brushes, so I sometimes like to use cosmetic wedges to do my make up.

I also bought two new nail polishes, just a simple plain white nail polish from Sally Hansen that was on sale and a silver glitter polish from Wet n Wild.

Finally, I went by Ulta to pick up a back up of my favorite liquid eyeliner, which is the Loreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black. it is so hard to find this product in Target or Wal-Mart, so I had to go to Ulta to find it. It isn't waterproof but I find that it stays the longest on my oily lids (even with primer). Love it!!

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Rainbow (레인보우) - To Me (내게로) Make Up Tutorial


I love the korean girl group Rainbow. When I saw the music video, To Me I fell in love with the simple and yet sexy make up a number of members had on. I really like this look, it makes me feel more mature and adult like (I have been told look very young for my age).

For this make up I was inspired by Woori (the rapper).

Sorry you are unable to see the color on my lids (hooded eyelids tend to do that T___T). I also forgot to put mascara on because I was in a rush! Sorry!

Products Used:
Two Face Shadow Insurance
88 Eyeshadow Palette (Used a dark brown, mixed two orange colors together, and a matte black)
Taiwanese Shimmer Stick in White
Sephora Lip Stick in Glamour

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OOTD 04/15/2011

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Hello, it has been a very long time since I have done Outfit of the Day, I thought I would bring it back with items from my gmarket haul!

I am wearing a black lace dress that is high waisted with a pink leather jacket. The shoes I am wearing are simple ivory/cream heels with ankle straps. As for jewelry, the usual pearl necklace and earrings. As well as, my white watch. Oh, and I can't forget about my tan bag! :]

Black Lace Dress - Target
Pink Leather Jacket - Gmarket
Ivory Heels - Lovely Shoes
White Watch - Forever 21
Tan Bag - Yes Style

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Gmarket Order~~ (Haul)


I ordered from Gmarket the beginning of the month and received it today (4/13). I actually missed the mail man today and I had to wait until the next day to get it at the post office. However, I saw the mail man later on and I quickly ran after him asking him if I could get my package. Luckily, I did. I know I probably seem like a real loser running after a mail man, but I seriously couldn't wait to get this package!

This is my second time ordering from Gmarket, the first time was a faux fur lined hooded jacket for my boyfriend and he absolutely is in love with it. I decided to make an order again, just because it is so hard to find good clothing. I am actually very picky and I am not a big fan of the American store brands (sometimes I do find great finds, but rare). So, I thought to myself, I should just buy things off of Gmarket more often, because I rather spend the same amount of money I spend on clothes here (the states) on clothes I actually really like. I would say the price + shipping will be the same cost as an item from forever 21, h&m, or urban outfitters, depending on what you get.

Well, enough with the talking! Let's get to the clothes :DDDD (I am getting excited just talking about it...freak <.<)

Oh my...I tried my best not to rip the box open...>.>

First item is a white loose top, with the words Style printed on it.
It is incredible soft and it looks exactly like that photos! I love it! I have been wanting a nice loose top that would look with skinny jeans and I think I found it. :] It was so affordable too!

Knee Length Ivory Tutu Skirt~ It is so pretty!!

Gray Dress w/ Black detailing~ I fell in love with this because it looks so different and reminds me of a skater dress.

Pink Blazer w/ Black Lace detailing~ This is an absolutely gorgeous blazer and very unique!

Pink Leather Jacket; it is very rare to find a pink leather jacket here and I am so happy I got this. It will look amazing with girly dresses and will give it some what an edgy look. AMAZING QUALITY!

Finally the last items are for other people, but I took photos and as well have the stock photos saved.

Overall, all the items looked exactly like the photos (maybe the shade of color is a tad bit off) and amazing quality! I feel these clothes fit so much better than clothes from here. I am just so happy about this order! I will buy from Gmarket more often in the future!

Stay tune for future outfit of the days with these Gmarket items! ^^

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Review: My Beauty Diary: Pearl Powder

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Another review from my Top 7 Seller box of My Beauty Diary Masks.

The one I will be reviewing today is the Pearl Powder version.
The Pearl Powder mask claims that it will whiten, nourish, and as well as revitalize your skin. The mask will give your dull and damage skin the help it needs! (So it claims)...

Recommended: For all Skin Types

And since there a bunch more information; I will cite it from
"Creates translucent and whitened skin: Super fine pearl powder contains various amino acid and micro-elements which permeate into skin, performing watery and white skin. Mulberry peel essence hydrates skin.

Revitalizes and nourishes skin: Vitamin B and seaweed complex revitalize and nourish skin while licorice and citrus ingredients condition and nourish skin.

Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized"

You leave the mask on for about 20-30 minutes and if you have any left over essence, massage it into the skin.

When I opened the package, I smelled the product and it reminded me of baby wipes or baby powder. If you are not a fan of that scent, you might want to stay away from this mask. For me, I didn't mind it since I kind of like that scent.

So, I did the same process as I did as the other one. After I removed the mask, I realize my skin did feel nourished and refreshed. I needed the refreshment because of the stressful weeks of exams. It really revitalize my skin. However, I did not see any brightness/whitening affects. I wasn't expecting to be fairer with the use of the mask, I was expecting more of a brightness result. My skin sometimes becomes dull after weeks of abuse and I seriously needed a pick me up. Now, I must say I probably need to use this mask more often to actually see those results. But, so far I think these My Beauty Diary Masks are very good for refreshing and moisturizing your skin.

Yes, a very short review, but honestly there isn't much to say since I am looking at the instant results of this product.

You can purchase this online if you are not living in Asia at: (there is a chance there could be fakes, so please be careful)

Hope you found this really short review helpful! ^^ Have a wonderful day everyone.

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