San Francisco Haul: Japantown & Yes Style

Hello everyone~
Here is a haul video for my trip to San Francisco. I tried to limit myself, but I don't know if I did a good job.

I love San Francisco because I am able to get a lot of different Asian Make Up/Beauty products there, for an affordable price compare to online. I am such a big fan of Asian beauty products, but I don't actually buy a lot of make up, so that is why many people see me use the same products over and over. I usually spend my money more on clothes than anything make up related. XP

Sometimes, I wish I wasn't a girl...I just shop like crazy...well even if I was a boy I probably still shop like crazy. D: solution there. Eh hehe...

Any who...I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It is the weekend, please enjoy it ^^

thank you for visiting my blog!

Links to some of the clothes: (prices on the website are usually not the same as in stores)

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  1. Hey, very nice indeed! But did you know that you get the same clothes cheaper at ?