Outfit of the Day 09/04/10

I haven't updated my blog is quite a long time, so I decided to post up an outfit of the day today. Sorry, it was from yesterday, i forgot to post it up yesterday and was busy with a bunch of work.

My outfit was a lace long sleeve top with a cream chiffon skirt. I like how it has a thick black band around it giving the outfit a bit more depth in color. As for shoes I wore my white flats since I would be at school I didn't want to wear heels or anything of that sorts there.

Top - Target
Skirt - Forever 21

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3 Responses to “Outfit of the Day 09/04/10”

  1. Great outfit! I love the delicate look of white lace paired with black accessories.

  2. This outfit is lovely.

    One suggestion for your site--don't have the music on autoplay. It can be bothersome to some. Obviously it's up to you though.

  3. omg, I really love your top! I can't believe it's from Target. I just spent an hour looking for it on their site but I can't find it. T___T