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My First Experience @ YES STYLE

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Yes Style is a store that is located in San Francisco, that specializes in selling clothing/accessories from Korea, Japan, China, and other Asian countries.

First off Yes Style has a store location of the website known as They only have one Yes Style store at the moment, which is the one located in San Francisco.

I went to San Francisco on Saturday, mainly to celebrate my birthday which I was unable to do during the weekday. I decided to go to Yes Style that day since I have been dying to visit that store for a very long time. I have heard from a friend as well as online sources that the store was small and selections were limited. With those thoughts in mind, I kept on delaying my visit to Yes Style. I have also read the prices for Yes Style was extremely high and I can't afford very high price items.

As I arrived at the store, I realize many were right the store was small. So, I wasn't expecting much. The store was organize and clean which is always a plus. It was divided one side for girls one side for guys. Immediately I went and looked through the clothes and I was impress. I wish they had more selections, but I was quite impress with what they have. Prices were quite reasonable, around the same price as H&M. It seems almost everything goes on sale.

I ended up only getting two items, which two of my friends decided to actually buy for me as gifts for my birthday. (THANK YOU GUYS!! <3) The style of the clothes remind me of VIVI Fashion magazine. I am not really a big fan of Japanese fashion, but for some reason these style just scream them out. I really like them though and I am very glad I now have them in my closet.

I would like to add they also sell accessories (belts, bags, backpacks), headphones (the mix kind), and even posters of your favorite korean group!

Overall, I really recommend the store, it seems a lot more affordable than the website. If you are really trying to find a place online to shop for Asian style clothing, I suggest a different website, since I find over price. However, the store itself I find more affordable.

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Outfit of the Day 09/04/10


I haven't updated my blog is quite a long time, so I decided to post up an outfit of the day today. Sorry, it was from yesterday, i forgot to post it up yesterday and was busy with a bunch of work.

My outfit was a lace long sleeve top with a cream chiffon skirt. I like how it has a thick black band around it giving the outfit a bit more depth in color. As for shoes I wore my white flats since I would be at school I didn't want to wear heels or anything of that sorts there.

Top - Target
Skirt - Forever 21

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