Update: My Food Adventure

I would like to apologize for my absent from my blog. The past few days I have been out with my boyfriend and his family, since they came up to visit. So, I was out with them since morning till night and when I get home I just KO on my bed.

I have taken many pictures during my fun weekend with them. So, I decided to show you guys what we ate and just some fun pictures of us. I do hope you guys enjoy the photos :].

A photo of my meal @ Sandra Dee's(A Soul food restaurant) - IT WAS AMAZING!!!

My boyfriend's cousin meal. Beef Ribs, it was falling off the bones!

Yakisoba @ a restaurant in Japan Town SF. The restaurant was empty, so we thought they food wasn't going to be great. But, we were wrong!

My boyfriend and his brother ordered the same dish, cold NOODLES japanese style. ;D

The best calm chowder we ever had @ Boudin Bakery and Cafe (Fisherman's Wharf).

A photo of me in Japan Town with the peace pagoda.

My best friend and I @ a newly open Shabu restaurant.

Will be updating with my photos later :D

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