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Small Make Up Haul


Yesterday, I went shopping with my mother to Wal-Mart. Usually Wal-Mart doesn't always carry the make up I want. But, I was surprise to see the Revlon Spring & Summer Collection items there! I was looking for them and they were only available at drug stores. So, I was very excited and since they were cheaper than the drug stores I had to get some more products from that collection. I bought two nail polishes (Minted & Lilac Pastelle) and another lip gloss (Coral Reef) from the collection. I absolutely love them. Currently, I am wearing the Lilac Pastelle nail polish and I just love the color, it is a perfect pastel lilac color (just like its name). The Coral Reef lipgloss is a gorgeous color, I am not use to it since I prefer to wear pinks. But, I think I will be wearing this color for awhile. The consistency is not sticky and it is quite pigmented.

Along side the Revlon products, I ended up giving into the NYC Blushable Creme Stick, which is a cream blush product. The color I bought was in 644U: Plaza Pink and it cost around $3.00. My thoughts about it?...I love it! The color is a nice flush and very easy to blend. I haven't worn it out since I was just testing it out, so I do not know how long it last on the skin, but I will let you guys know. :D

Nyc Blushable Creame Stick in Plaza Pink, Revlon Nail Polish in Lilac Pastelle & Minted, Revlon Lip Gloss in Coral Reef

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Summer, an update on life.


Hello, how is everyone?
I don't usually write much about my personal life on my blog. But, I decided to do a bit of updating on myself just for my followers.

It is summer and how I dread this time of year. You guys might think I am crazy, but I find fall and winter the best times of the year. I love gloomy, dark weather. I don't like sweating at all and I dislike that feeling of being sticky. The only thing I like about summer is I am off from school for about 3 months, yay!! But to be honest, there are times where I miss school, being able to go out and see friends everyday, it is a nice thing to have. During summer I am usually stuck inside and unable to do much. So I end up being a vampire, sensitive to the sunlight.

Last week, my cat injured her foot while we were playing. My cat rarely gets injure and this was my first time that I have seen her in so much pain, so I ended up crying terribly. She was unable to jump high for the next few days, but she seems to be doing well. She hasn't been trying to jump high though, I have no idea why, I was thinking she is scare that she might not be able to land perfectly if she try. So, I do hope to see her back to her normal self soon.

Towards my beauty and fashion part of my blog. I am sorry, I haven't been able to update towards that. I rarely wear make up during the summer and I usually don't go out much, so I tend to wear shorts and a t-shirt. I will try my best to keep you guys update with beauty related things, but it might be unable to do so for the time being. However, if you have any requests though feel free to ask. I am always here to listen/read your comments and reply to them as quickly as I can.

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you are having a wonderful day. ^^


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Hair History...


I was just looking through my folder of photos and I realized that I have a few pictures of my past hair styles till now. So, I decided to post them up just for people who are wondering about the dramatic change from long to short, or maybe interested in a different style for their hair.

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