First Time with False Lashes :O

You guys should know how much I dislike wearing mascara or doing anything with my lashes. However, I was really curious on how I would look like with false lashes and if they would make a big difference. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to even put them on and if they would even look good on my eyes. So, finally I just decided to try them on today.

(Eyeliner + Mascara)
The lashes I used were by Sugar Cosmetics and they are called "Flirt", they are criss-cross lashes. I bought them about 2 years ago, but I never officially try to put them on. I originally bought them from Sephora, but it seems like Sephora doesn't carry the brand anymore. However, I found them at Cherry Culture, so if you are interested you can check there.

What I think about them? I thought they were heavy and it felt so weird. But, I think that is because I am not use to wearing false lashes, so maybe I have to try again. The look that I have when the lashes are on is quiet scary, I thought I looked like some creepy doll, when I was recording videos. Even though they aren't much to my liking, I wouldn't mind trying on false lashes again and who knows, maybe I will end up loving them. :D

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to “First Time with False Lashes :O”

  1. i actually had my first go at false eyelashes 2 weeks ago for prom, and it turned out surprisingly natural! i don't have the patience to ever really get into the look however, haha... it's a hassle to put them on to me!

  2. I just bought my first pair of false lashes a while ago and I really love them! (they were on sale for 99c, I couldn't resist!) The ones that Revlon makes are very nice and light, they also look natural, but enhance the eye just enough. :P I think they are very fun and can look very pretty! I think they would be really good for special occasions, but the ones I bought are very comfortable and reusable.

    They are tricky to put on, but they look pretty good once I positioned them right.