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Recently, I have been tagged by Aimee of Shortie With the Flaws ( I am quite surprise since no one tag me before to do things like this. I was quite excited. Thank you Aimee for tagging me!

1.) What is fashion for you?
Fashion to me is a way a person is able to express their uniqueness through clothes. You can also see the heart of a designer through the clothes they make.

2.) What is your blog name and why?
I named my blog "Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration, from Wenjin", because it is a blog about how I feel for exactly those things.

3.) If you could raid one’s closet, whose closet would it be and why?
Wow, that is a hard question. I would probably raid T-ara's closet. I know it isn't one person, but a group. However, they dress pretty well and I would totally wear their everyday outfits.

4.) What is the song that describes you the most?
That is so hard...since most songs I listen to are about break ups or getting revenge. Which, are not in anyway related to how I feel or describes myself haha.

5.) Who is your style icon?
I have no specific style icon, but I really like the way the girls dress on

6.) What is your biggest dream?
To be very successful in the fashion industry. :]

7.) Your own fashion style?
My fashion style I would say isn't bound to one thing. As in, I always switch it up.
There are days where I dress very girly, with ruffles, lace, and bright colors. But, then there are other days where I am wearing skinnies, sneakers, and wear dark clothing.

8.) Where do you usually shop?
I usually shop at Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. However, those aren't the shops I always have to shop at since I like other stores as well, but I am just unable to afford something from them.

I will decide who I am tagging a bit later. :]

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