Guess what arrived in my mail today!? + Update

I haven't really written anything current towards beauty or fashion. I would like to apologize for that since I tend to either make a video and not write about it on my blog. I want to make this blog a bit different then my youtube channel. What I mean is I want to post up more detail/in depth reviews on my blog, while my youtube channel will be more simple and not as in depth. So, you guys can come here for more of what I think of the product(s). I do hope I made sense out of that because I just think I confused myself. ><"

Anyways, lets move on to the news!!! :D

Today I just received my new Dueba Max Pure Pink Circle lens!
Now, some of you might think...what the world? Pink contacts!? It is the trend lately and I wanted to get in on it. I haven't try them on because you must soak circle lens for about 6-8 hours before trying them on. They looked amazing on Jen from frmheadtotoe ( and I hope they will also on myself. I've been wearing circle lens for about 3 years, but I usually go for gray or brown (brown isn't that amazing on me). I tend to stay away from any other colors since I was quite use to the look gray circle lens have given me. I am not a big fan of black circle lens, I just find them not as amazing as everyone. However, when I think of wearing contacts esp. colored contacts I expect beautiful colors and I find black very plain. That is just my opinion, so I am sorry if any of you like black circle lens.

Now, I will soaking them tonight and hopefully make a video tomorrow on them. If you guys would like me to make a video just on circle lens in general please comment below! :]

Be confident, love yourself, and stay beautiful girls!
- Wenjin

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