Fashion Inspiration

Hello lovlies!
So I decided to do a little fashion update. Since, well that is my main focus on my blog and my life. It is very hard for me to find pieces I would like, since I tend to go for clothes more unique or that can be found not here in the states. So, it is a big upset for me, as person who lives in fashion. I am hoping I will be able to find a store that is affordable (for a full time college student like me) and have amazing pieces. I should really learn how to bargain shop! But it is very hard to find good pieces even out those places.

Anyways, I would like to show you guys what clothes/trends that are currently inspiring me at the moment. How about you? What are your favorite current trends of this year?

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One Response to “Fashion Inspiration”

  1. I am the same way, I like styles from overseas more than from over here. Especially in FL where the standard is a tank top and flipflops.(but when it gets really hot, I understand that most people don't want to dress up) But still, BORING!!
    You just have to keep your eyes open, shop in the right places and be creative with what you do find. :) Or you could always shop online. But that is not really convenient. :P