Current Nail Polish +Review

Firstly, I would like to say that I rarely wear nail polish. Due to my dad's strict rules of me not wearing nail polish until I am an "old wrinkly" woman. Yes, I might be exaggerating on that part. However, I was always intrigue by the fantastic colors that I was able to paint my nails with nail polish. As I grew older my dad started to not notice the girly things I was doing, so I decided to start wearing nail polish..well light color nail polish.

(Applied w/ two Coats, one coat will be too sheer.)

This season, nudes are in! Esp. nude nail polishes. I thought to myself, I have to get one. And that what has made me have the current nail polish I own today. The nail polish I bought is from Sally Hansen, the color in Nude Now (230). The color I would say is a bit pink or salmon. It isn't a straight up nude color, since it have those hints of pinks. However, I find it very wearable and not over powering. There is no need for a top coat, since the nail polish is already glossy, and it does stay on for awhile.

The consistency of the product isn't bad, I think it is normal for nail polish. What, I find really amazing with this nail polish is it brush. The brush isn't an ordinary nail polish brush. The width of the brush is a lot thicker and flatter than a normal brush, which I find is great to do your nails quickly, and gives more of an even coverage over the surface of your nails. So, I would say that is a plus.

Overall, I must say I find this product a lot more pricey than like say China Glaze (Yes, China Glaze is probably only $2.00 less, but it is considered as a "top brand"). It is a good product, but I don't absolutely love it.


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