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Current Nail Polish +Review

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Firstly, I would like to say that I rarely wear nail polish. Due to my dad's strict rules of me not wearing nail polish until I am an "old wrinkly" woman. Yes, I might be exaggerating on that part. However, I was always intrigue by the fantastic colors that I was able to paint my nails with nail polish. As I grew older my dad started to not notice the girly things I was doing, so I decided to start wearing nail polish..well light color nail polish.

(Applied w/ two Coats, one coat will be too sheer.)

This season, nudes are in! Esp. nude nail polishes. I thought to myself, I have to get one. And that what has made me have the current nail polish I own today. The nail polish I bought is from Sally Hansen, the color in Nude Now (230). The color I would say is a bit pink or salmon. It isn't a straight up nude color, since it have those hints of pinks. However, I find it very wearable and not over powering. There is no need for a top coat, since the nail polish is already glossy, and it does stay on for awhile.

The consistency of the product isn't bad, I think it is normal for nail polish. What, I find really amazing with this nail polish is it brush. The brush isn't an ordinary nail polish brush. The width of the brush is a lot thicker and flatter than a normal brush, which I find is great to do your nails quickly, and gives more of an even coverage over the surface of your nails. So, I would say that is a plus.

Overall, I must say I find this product a lot more pricey than like say China Glaze (Yes, China Glaze is probably only $2.00 less, but it is considered as a "top brand"). It is a good product, but I don't absolutely love it.


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Hair + Outfit of the Day 5/28/10

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Fashion Inspiration

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Hello lovlies!
So I decided to do a little fashion update. Since, well that is my main focus on my blog and my life. It is very hard for me to find pieces I would like, since I tend to go for clothes more unique or that can be found not here in the states. So, it is a big upset for me, as person who lives in fashion. I am hoping I will be able to find a store that is affordable (for a full time college student like me) and have amazing pieces. I should really learn how to bargain shop! But it is very hard to find good pieces even out those places.

Anyways, I would like to show you guys what clothes/trends that are currently inspiring me at the moment. How about you? What are your favorite current trends of this year?

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Overview: Dueba Max Pure Pinks


Sorry for such the late upload!! T____T

I recently bought new circle lens and I am quite happy with the purchase. The contacts are 14.5 in diameter and have a nice smooth gradient. They do dry out if you wear them for a long period of time, but it can be fix with eye drops. The color of the lens sometimes appear brown or purple depending on the lightening. The color isn't strong, so it won't scare people off when they look at you. :D I recommend this circle lens if you want something more natural and wearable.

Rating ~
Comfort: 9/10
Color: 9/10

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Guess what arrived in my mail today!? + Update

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I haven't really written anything current towards beauty or fashion. I would like to apologize for that since I tend to either make a video and not write about it on my blog. I want to make this blog a bit different then my youtube channel. What I mean is I want to post up more detail/in depth reviews on my blog, while my youtube channel will be more simple and not as in depth. So, you guys can come here for more of what I think of the product(s). I do hope I made sense out of that because I just think I confused myself. ><"

Anyways, lets move on to the news!!! :D

Today I just received my new Dueba Max Pure Pink Circle lens!
Now, some of you might think...what the world? Pink contacts!? It is the trend lately and I wanted to get in on it. I haven't try them on because you must soak circle lens for about 6-8 hours before trying them on. They looked amazing on Jen from frmheadtotoe ( and I hope they will also on myself. I've been wearing circle lens for about 3 years, but I usually go for gray or brown (brown isn't that amazing on me). I tend to stay away from any other colors since I was quite use to the look gray circle lens have given me. I am not a big fan of black circle lens, I just find them not as amazing as everyone. However, when I think of wearing contacts esp. colored contacts I expect beautiful colors and I find black very plain. That is just my opinion, so I am sorry if any of you like black circle lens.

Now, I will soaking them tonight and hopefully make a video tomorrow on them. If you guys would like me to make a video just on circle lens in general please comment below! :]

Be confident, love yourself, and stay beautiful girls!
- Wenjin

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